Halo 3 player disconnects before completing the game on Legendary difficulty

F's in the chat.

Image via Microsoft

Halo 3 holds a special place in the heart of Halo fans. The game was recently added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, much to the excitement of fans. One player attempted the campaign on the Legendary difficulty in a livestream, but disconnected right before they beat the game. 

Streamer Natehowwwe played the entire Halo 3 campaign in a 10-hour stream on Legendary difficulty. This is the highest difficulty in the game and makes each level a punishing and grueling experience. Nate made it through the entire game with a few friends for support and was in high spirits going into the last level. 

The final level of Halo 3 requires players to navigate an exploding environment in a Warthog and jump into a spaceship to escape. Nate and his team were seconds away from completing the final jump when disaster struck. 

Nate was playing with one of his mods who unfortunately disconnected right before they completed the level. This caused the entire party to lag out and prevented them from beating the game.

Nate can be seen reloading the last level and telling his friends that he didn’t want to end the stream that way, and they eventually returned to complete the game. Fans were already satisfied with his hilarious reaction, and seeing him actually complete the campaign was just a bonus.