25 May 2016 - 17:02

Gabriel Leaves Soul Red; His Path Through Halo

Gabriel, one of the most individually talented Halo players in the scene, has left his Soul Red team to join an interesting lineup.
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Gabriel is known by many to be one of the most talented individual players in the scene. Having a great ability to consistently slay no matter what team he is on, Gabriel can easily become an important asset to any team and after his surprising departure from the once promising Soul Red team, some may wonder what's next for him.

Gabriel may not be a household name to most competitive Halo fans but he has been a competitor for quite some time. His path to go pro began all the back in 2011 at MLG Dallas with his team known as Severance consisting of Keke, Monix, Phaint and himself. He would earn a promising 18th place finish, giving him the opportunity to team with well-known pros such as Prototype and Brake throughout the Halo: Reach season. 

In the beginning of the Halo 4 season, Gabriel made it his goal to be known throughout the scene by consistently breaking into the top 8 in every event he attended, solidifying his status as a pro player. He would come close to achieving his goal of winning an event at AGL Atlanta, his last Halo 4 event, with his team Severance consisting of PROVERB, Spartan, Goofy and himself, but finished in 2nd place. 

Once HCS Season 1 was announced, Gabriel was one of the top prospects. With so much talent to offer and after a pretty impressive Halo 4 season, Gabriel was hoping that Halo 2: Anniversary was his game to shine in. He would play under Team eLevate throughout all four H2A events he attended, which was the first serious organization he would represent in competition. His team performed well, breaking into the top 8 in every event except for Iron Games Atlanta 2015 in which they placed 9th-12th.


Gabriel would take a break in HCS Season 2 but would come back in HWC Season 1 with his team consisting of Hoaxer, Mr Blakerz, King Nick and himself under Astral Authority. This team had a strong late run in the last few Online Qualifiers, allowing them to qualify for the HWC NA Regional Finals of 2016. Unfortunately, they could not break into the top 8 to earn a spot in the Halo World Championship. 

Now that Gabriel has left Soul Red, many were wondering what's next for this talented player. Shortly after he left Soul, Gabriel made this tweet:alt

It is uncertain if Gabriel will stick with these two players for the up and coming Challenger League, which we are still waiting for 343 to shed some more light on, but what's for certain is that both Godily and Brainstorms are two very surprising choices for Gabriel. Although I have personally known Godily  since Halo 4 and I am aware that he is a solid player, I have never heard of Brainstorms and neither of these players have solidified themselves in the scene just yet. It is very possible that Gabriel may see some potential in these players that no one else sees but to think that Gabriel has gone from being one of the top prospects to running with amateur players in a Challenger Series makes me think that he is downgrading significantly.

Only time will tell if this move will pay off and with a lot of time until this Challenger Series - Gabriel will have all the time he needs to get his team ready. What do you think about Gabriel leaving Soul to form this new team? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Image credits go to Halo eSportsPedia and Gabriel's Twitter page.

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