Former Spacestation Halo player Rammyy joins Fnatic ahead of the Online Super

The new lineup hopes to find greater success in a highly competitive field.

Image via Fnatic

Fnatic’s Halo team has officially welcomed Abel “Rammyy” Garcia into the roster following a successful trial period, which spanned across outings in both scrims and the HCS Open Series over the past few weeks.

Rammyy was previously a part of the Spacestation Gaming roster but found himself replaced by Suppressed following the team’s lackluster top-16 showing at HCS Kansas City. Fnatic, a partnered team that was similarly struggling to leave a mark against the more prominent lineups in the North American region, had a stronger showing at Kansas City but parted ways with Envore as their results began to deteriorate in the online tournaments that followed.

Fnatic began to trial Rammyy at the end of June, but the move to the black and orange is only now officially signed. While the team’s results have not noticeably improved, finishing top-12 in the most recent HCS Open Series, the shift in the dynamic of the roster and the fresh perspective might be enough to set Fnatic on the road to recovery.

The roster locks for the Online Super setting in within the next two weeks plays another big part in this since any prospective lineup will need to make use of the limited time to practice and prepare for the final major tournament before the Orlando LAN in September.

Fnatic’s confirmation of its roster going forward leaves only a few teams still left with questions surrounding their lineups, namely eUnited and FaZe Clan. Both teams have remained tight-lipped about plans going forward and no official signings thus far mean both teams continue to lack a complete roster for upcoming tournaments.