27 June 2016 - 00:22

Forge Maps are Coming to Team Arena

In a recent post on ForgeHub, a contest was announced that would allow Forgers to submit their maps and potentially have them in the map rotation for Team Arena.
Halo Writer

For several months ever since Halo 5’s first DLC maps released, fans have strongly recommended for 343 to feature some of the top competitive Forge maps in Team Arena. Fans wanted this because many feel that the newer DLC maps 343 has released were for the most part lackluster. Fortunately, an opportunity has arisen for Forge maps to be in Team Arena.


In a recent post from WARH0LIC on the ForgeHub site, he talked about an opportunity for all Forgers to have their maps implemented in the Team Arena playlist. In this post, he talks about how ForgeHub is working with 343 to pick out some of the top Forge maps to be featured in Team Arena. How this process will work is that everyone who wants their maps to be considered would submit their maps to ForgeHub either by sending them pictures or by sending them a video. ForgeHub would then review all of the submissions and then contact the creator to further review each map. To read to full post from WARH0LIC, click here


This is a great opportunity for the community to make a serious impact on the Team Arena playlist. If you are a talented Forger and if you think you have what it takes to get your map featured, I highly encourage you to participate in this contest.

What do you think about Forge maps coming to Team Arena? Let me know in the comments section below.  

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