Food for Thought: OGRE2 and EG

I don’t see OGRE2’s addition to the team as an automatic fix to their inability to win, but I do perceive it as a major piece in the process.

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Questioning the capability of a veteran is one of the riskiest tasks for a journalist. We have never been in their position before and not having faith in someone who has competed for over a decade often leads to frustration on their end. However, as a journalist, it is my responsibility to be completely transparent with my readers and not hold anything back when situations, such as the recent Evil Geniuses roster shuffle, arise.

For those who don’t know, EG recently dropped Devon “PreDevoNator” Layton and replaced him with veteran player Tom “OGRE2” Ryan, who was formerly the analyst of this club. Hoping that his experience and chemistry with duo Justin “Roy” Brown and Jason “Lunchbox” Brown would provide the team with additional attributes, some believe that this club will progress its way to becoming a championship-caliber lineup; but I just don’t see it that way.

When looking at the digression of EG once Tony “Lethul” Campbell left to replace OGRE2’s position on CLG, the most vital attribute EG lost was slaying efficiency, in my opinion. Lethul, being one of the most consistent slayers in the game, gave EG that sense of security that every kill is capable of being finished, as long as Lethul was in position to do so. Eric “Snip3down” Wrona was able to stay in his slaying comfort zone, dominating with a sniper, Roy was able to maintain his aggressive slaying presence and Lunchbox would play his traditional role as the supporting player who does all the dirty work. In many ways, I perceived Lethul as the glue to this team that kept them in perfect harmony until their hiccup in performance in Halo 5. Once Snip3down left to join a fierce Team EnVyUs lineup, EG once again lost another solid slayer who was capable of showing up when it mattered most. The common trend with both of these losses was that EG lost two experienced and heavily talented slayers from their lineup, and although you can say they also lost the leadership of Snip3down, I believe that his slaying presence carried more weight on this team than his leadership.

Time and time again, Roy and Lunchbox would pick up and replace players in the hopes of putting together another championship contending lineup, but all attempts have failed. With Cody “Contra” Szczodrowski and PreDevoNator clearly not working, EG came to the conclusion that it was time to bring OGRE2 out of retirement and onto this roster. To be completely clear with my statement, I am not saying that OGRE2 isn’t capable of making EG a championship contender once again, however, I strongly believe that this roster as is won’t progress very far.

With EG picking up OGRE2, the club will most certainly improve in experience and chemistry, which are certainly crucial aspects in winning, but I would argue that this club heavily digresses in slaying. Despite him being one of the greatest players of all time, I don’t think anyone can argue that he doesn’t come near the top slayers in this game. If Roy and Lunchbox are attempting to replicate the identity they once had with Lethul and Snip3down, the addition of OGRE2 doesn’t help, in my eyes, but if the duo is planning on making a championship-contending lineup with a completely different identity, OGRE2 can help; but not with Contra on board.

As I said earlier, EG, at its championship contending prime, featured three of the most fierce slayers in the game and a support player who meshed very well and was able to assist in any way necessary. Now this club features only two slayers, Roy and Contra, with Contra still showing difficulties meshing with Roy and Lunchbox. Roy is still a high caliber slayer, but if the other slayer isn’t clicking well with the entire team, then EG still slacks heavily, despite any effort Roy puts in. No matter what formula EG plans to create to win, I am certain that EG will need to improve in the slaying aspect to allow every player to efficiently execute their role. I am all for a team consisting of two slayers, but these two need to be in perfect harmony if they were to become a championship contender. Today’s era of competition does not forgive complications on any end, therefore, EG needs to be the well-oiled machine it once was to become a winning lineup yet again.

I have two ideas for players who I believe can heavily improve EG’s slaying ability by replacing Contra: Cory “Str8 Sick” Sloss and Justin “IGotUrPistola” Deese.

Being one of the most dominant slayers in the game, Str8 comes into every game ready to perform, no matter what team he is on. This was displayed very well during his time with OpTic Gaming, as despite the team’s overall inability to click well, Str8 would come into nearly every game red hot. He is capable of replicating what Lethul once provided for EG, which is that sense of security that every kill will be finished, as long as Str8 is in the position to do so. It should also be noted that he was Roy’s teammate in the MCC Launch Invitational, in which they placed second.

Although it is impossible to classify him as just a slayer, as his abilities expand much further than that category, Pistola would be a great fit. Being the former teammate of Roy, Lunchbox and OGRE2 who dominated Halo: Reach on Team Instinct, Pistola can mesh very well with this team. His smart and unpredictable style of play allows him to be a major annoyance for any opponent. Sometimes he prefers to stand back and assist his teammates, but he is more than capable of causing slaying havoc when necessary. It would be difficult, however, to convince him to leave nV to give this team a chance.

Although I don’t see OGRE2’s addition to the team as an automatic fix to their inability to win, I do perceive it as a major piece in the process. EG will not become a championship contender with his presence alone, and further change will be required if they want to win again.

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