FlipSid3 Tactics Announces Halo Team

Flipsid3 Tactics announces a new Halo Squad to compete in the HCS Pro League.

Hot off the heels of the HCS Pro League Online Invitational, FlipSid3 Tactics announced that they took in their very own Halo Squad. The team will consist of Dylen “PROVERB” Roberts, Pat “BORGIE” Borgemenke, James “Mr coLeK” Hoff, and Casey “CARNAGE” Allman. The team has experience in previous Halo titles, and undoubtedly are bringing in experience to the Halo 5 play space. With the HCS Pro League underway, we can already more than likely expect the team to show up during the Open Online Qualifiers.

To go in-depth about the team, Proverb made his stake in Halo 4, regularly placing within the top eight. Borgie has plenty of experience under his belt, dating back to 2009 playing Halo 3. Borgie unfortunately quit at the end of Halo: Reach, but now looks to do well with FlipSid3 in Halo 5.

coLeK began his halo career at the age of ten, most notably when he began Halo 3 playing with Heinz of Team Liquid. He unfortunately left a few months after the launch of Halo 3 for Rainbow Six Vegas 2. For Halo 5, he created a team with Zyos, GSpot, and BlueFuzzyBunny, but then he left to continue exploring his options which brought him to FlipSid3.

Lastly, Carnage also had an extended career, although not as long as Borgie. Carnage began his career with Halo 3, but became well known with his former team “Almost Heaven”. He played with the team up until the launch of Halo:MCC. Now we will be getting to see his improvement since then with FlipSid3.

Halo fans everywhere are looking forward to seeing this team in action and wish them the best of luck in the HCS Pro League. I definitely hope to see them in the Open Online Qualifiers to see if they can compete with some of the best teams stateside.


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