FaZe send Sentinels home in HCS Kickoff Major lower bracket semifinals

FaZe need one more win to make it to the grand final.

Image via FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan sent Sentinels home in an intense five-game series in the Halo Championship Series Kickoff Major, giving the talented team a surprising fourth-place finish. 

Sentinels had a rough time in the Kickoff Major playoffs, with OpTic Gaming sending them to the lower bracket yesterday with a 3-0 sweep. Sentinels fought through the lower bracket, eliminating Gamers First, Unsigned Talent, Acend, Spacestation, and finally OpTic Gaming in a rematch in the lower quarterfinals. This performance secured their match against FaZe—who were also sent to the lower bracket by OpTic Gaming—in the lower bracket semifinals.

FaZe and Sentinels kicked off the series with Oddball on Recharge. The teams took turns winning a round before facing off in an intense final round. Both teams only needed a few more seconds to win the game, but FaZe’s Falcated killed three enemies to secure the skull and win. 

FaZe pulled off an incredible comeback and slowly dug themselves out of a significant hole after Sentinels dominated early in the match. Snakebite continuously won gunfights and took advantage of Overshield and the Mangler, but FaZe stuck to their guns and secured an incredible comeback to win the match 50-48. 

Sentinels prevented the 3-0 sweep by dominating FaZe in Strongholds on Live Fire. Sentinels successfully rotated through each site and left little time for FaZe to catch their breath. FaZe couldn’t pull off a comeback this time and were forced to face Sentinels in CTF. 

The fourth map started with excitement as Sentinels secured a flag capture in less than two minutes. FaZe answered back with their own capture, but Sentinels almost prevented them from scoring by killing the flag carrier within inches of the home flag. FaZe ultimately scored, but Sentinels immediately counter-captured for good measure. 

Both teams went back and forth until FaZe captured the flag with seconds left in the match. Sentinels forced the game into Sudden Death by pulling FaZe’s flag and almost secured it to take the game into overtime. But FaZe returned their flag before this happened, ending the game 4-3 and sending Sentinels home from the tournament. 

FaZe Clan will face eUnited in the lower bracket final, and the winner will move on to face Cloud9 in the grand final.