Evil Geniuses adds Naded and Falcated to its Halo roster

The Brown twins now have two new teammates.

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Evil Geniuses has made a few major changes to its Halo roster, adding Brett “Naded” Leonard and Michael “Falcated” Garcia, who will join Jason “Lunchbox” Brown and Justin “Roy” Brown.

Earlier this year, Evil Geniuses narrowly missed out on qualifying for the 2017 Halo World Championship. This prompted the team to make a roster change yesterday, replacing Halo legend Tom “OGRE2” Ryan and Cody “ContrA” Szczodrowski with Naded and Falcated.

Naded is one of the most popular veterans in the Halo community. He’s been competing in professional Halo since 2006, and has played for several notable teams, including Str8 Rippin, Carbon, Allegiance, and OpTic Gaming.

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Falcated, on the other hand, is relatively new to the professional Halo scene, playing for teams such as Denial Esports, Allegiance, and Splyce since 2016.

Naded and Falcated will team up with two of the most accomplished players in Halo history in the Brown twins. Lunchbox and Roy have been on Evil Geniuses since December of 2014, and have won several championships for the organization.

It will be interesting to see how Evil Geniuses’ new lineup will perform with so many veteran players taking a young player like Falcated under their wings. This lineup will compete together for the first time next weekend (May 12 to 14) at HCS Daytona.