Everything we know about the Halo Infinite battle royale

Halo's putting its own spin on the battle royale genre.

halo infinite mouse
Image via Microsoft

Before Halo Infinite came out, there was talk about whether or not it would feature a battle royale. With the popularity of the game mode persevering longer than many expected, many assumed it would happen. According to a report, however, Halo Infinite will be getting a new battle royale-style mode later this year.

WindowsCentral journalist spoke about Jez Corden spoke some rumors about the potential for a Halo Infinite battle royale, and according to Corden, the battle royale mode will incorporate some of the single-player features of the Halo Infinite campaign, like side-quests, similar to other popular battle royales.

In this new mode, some of the side objectives will include going to a particular area and killing the mobs before moving on. Those same objectives will be present in the battle royale mode and give the player something else to do besides hunting down the enemy players.

Corden speculated that the battle royale could come in Halo Infinite‘s Season Three, which is scheduled to release near the end of 2022. The game will be a PvPvE world where the players will compete to be the last person standing. Until then, players can engage with the new Last Spartan Standing game mode, where only one person can win.

Last Spartan Standing, announced in a Halo blog post, is a new mode coming on May 3, created around the Lone Wolves theme of Infinite‘s second season. While some have billed it as a battle royale, the truth is different than what many might expect from popular battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Many fans have been wishing for a battle royale to come to Halo Infinite, and now it appears that those players will be getting just that.