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EG Vs nV, Who Has A Better Shot At Being The Best?

Both are expected to do very well this season, but which one will be the best?
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Ever since Eric Snip3down Wrona’s departure from Evil Geniuses to join the boys in blue, Team EnVyUs, a bit of a fan rivalry has formed between both clubs. Those who are loyal to EG are confident that their new team consisting of Tyler Ninja Blevins, Cameron Victory X Thorlakson, Jason “Lunchbox” Brown and Justin Roy Brown are talented enough to win a championship, while those who are huge supporters of Snip3down or nV’s entire Halo roster consisting of Austin Mikwen McCleary, Justin iGotUrPistola Deese and Cuyler Huke Garland believe that nV has a real shot at winning a championship. Considering the level of talent both of these teams have, both are capable of winning a championship, but being as unbiased as possible, who truly has a better shot at being the best?


alt Snip3down


Statistically speaking, nV has had a much stronger performance than EG in scrims. With a 96-41 win/loss ratio compared to EG’s 81-85 win/loss ratio, nV has had a much easier time beating their competition including notable teams such as Enigma6, Counter Logic Gaming, Luminosity Gaming and even EG in their latest scrim. Going deeper into the stats, nV is slaying a little better than EG with an overall team K/D of 1.12 compared to EG’s team K/D of 0.98. Keep in mind that nV has been slaying well against every team including slay-heavy teams, while EG seems to struggle just a bit more against some of the teams. Even in objective game modes, nV seems to perform much better than EG in being able to win the majority of their objective games. However, I will note that in some situations, EG seems to be stronger than nV when it comes to running a flag as a unit as well as stopping an opponent's flag run. This was very noticeable in their latest scrim yesterday when EG made easy work out of nV in game 13 of their scrim, which was CTF on Coliseum. EG was able to defeat them 3-0 but the statistics alone don’t explain the entire story. In many situations, I noticed just how well EG can pull a flag as a unit and prevent the opponents from caving in on them and stopping the flag run which to me shows their strong chemistry. In many situations EG was also able to stop many of nV’s flag runs even when nV had numbers over EG in some scenarios, which was quite impressive to me. CTF, at least on Coliseum, seems to be one of those unpredictable game modes for EG. Although EG doesn't have a very impressive win record on this map playing this game mode, in certain situations EG plays god-like in these settings and as a fairly new team, EG is still capable of growing stronger and being able to get even better in this game mode and many others.


Another thing I would also take note on is how both of these teams play. nV seems to perform much more consistently than EG in most games allowing them to be somewhat predictable in most matches. With EG on the other hand, they seem to be much less predictable, winning and losing certain games that are downright confusing. The best way to describe EG is as an emotionally driven team. Being both a gift and a curse, EG is capable of looking like the best team in the Pro League in some games when they are emotionally determined to win. However, they at times look like a complete disaster when they have a hard time finding the inspiration to win games and lose confidence in themselves. This makes EG a pretty big question mark come the beginning of Pro League as their emotional stability will most likely be a major factor as to how well they will do.


Going past all of this, both teams seem to have the same mindset. With both teams being backed by prestigious organizations and with every player in this club being extremely competitive, both sides are hungry to win a championship. Looking at each team’s streams, both teams even act the same. Each team makes sure to breakdown each and every scenario for each map and listen to one another, knowing that everyone is capable of contributing to the team. This may seem like a basic concept every Pro Team must be able to do well, but in many situations some teams that simply don’t work well together may tend to bicker at each other after loses and play the notoriously unproductive blame game that gets teams nowhere. One of the best examples of this last season was OpTic Gaming where there was almost always a bit of bickering between one another after a loss, leading to the  belief that this may be the reason why some members didn’t bother streaming their matches. The reality is that being able to maintain your composure even after a loss and being able to look at the bigger picture is something not every team can do very well. Typically, only the best teams or those destined to be the best do this constantly and that is why you see certain teams continuing to win with no sign of slowing down. Talent alone can only get your team so far and eventually another team will be able to match up to your talent. In this situation your maturity as a player and ability to stay composed, look at the bigger picture and reevaluate the current situation you are in, will wind up being tested. This will allow you to prepare yourself and your team for the next wave of competition. This is the ability that top pro teams have been using ever since the dawn of competition and this is an ability both nV and EG posses.







Picking which team is more likely to win a championship is quite difficult. Both teams are hungry to win and there is no difference between which team wants it more than the other. nV may be the more consistent team that statistically looks better, but statistics and consistency mean nothing in the end if you crack under pressure. EG being the more emotionally driven team will be a big gamble for anyone who chooses them to win the championship. If they are hot, they can wipe out the competition, but I am still unsure if EG can stay this hot for an entire season, not to mention the Season Finals. In the end, I will have to chose between the consistency that comes with nV, or uncertainty that comes with EG and considering how early it is in the season, I am confident that EG will be able to improve on their weaknesses and perfect their strengths. With the added help of veteran Coach Ryan Towey Towey and the legend himself, Tom Ogre 2 Ryan, helping to guide this team to a championship, EG will have all the tools they need to get to where they want to go.


Which team do you think will win a championship? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Image credits go to Halo eSportWikis, Evil Geniuses and Team EnVyUs

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