20 July 2016 - 15:25

Does Motion Tracker Ruin Competitive Play?

The Motion Tracker debate has been around for ages but does Halo 5 prove why it doesn't work for competitive play?
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Motion tracker is a component that has been a part of the Halo community ever since Halo: CE. Ever since the birth of this feature, it has stirred up continuous debates on whether or not this feature helps or hurts competitive Halo. Even to this day, many are still debating whether or not this feature is beneficial.


In the past, the community for the most part was against motion tracker or motion sensor being in competitive play. Many of us felt this feature promoted camping, as well as getting rid of the excitement of not truly knowing where your opponents are at all times.

Unlike CoD’s tracking system that only makes you visible on the radar if you shoot, Halo’s system makes any player show up on the radar unless they are crouching. This means you could crouch in the corners of maps and most of your opponents would not even recognize you since they most likely would be more focused on looking at their motion tracker.

In the past with Halo’s slow paced no sprint mechanics, we felt that this would hurt competitive play and promote bad habits that could hurt a player's overall awareness on maps. It was very easy to point out the obvious flaws that motion tracker has when there is no sprint involved, but with sprint being a very important mechanic in Halo 5, 343 feels that motion tracker is a necessary component in competitive play.


With Halo 5 being the most fast paced Halo game to date, it is a lot harder to be aware of everything around you compared to the no sprint days. Sprinting from one side of the map to the other and jumping across multiple different platforms prevents you in many situations from taking some time to be aware of your surroundings.

Although Halo 5 is not a “Run and Gun” game, you definitely do not have the time to look around the map like you used to in past Halos. With this fast paced style, 343 believes that playing Halo 5 competitively without a motion tracker would make the game a bit too challenging for the majority of the community. With it being harder to play, 343 may fear that the challenging experience may be too much for most players to handle and it may discourage many from continuing to play a game that already has a large learning curve to begin with.

I both agree and disagree with 343 in this argument. Although I do believe that the game would be significantly harder to adapt to without motion tracker, I am not too certain if getting rid of it would hurt the community. Although getting rid of motion tracker would obviously remove a lot of the players with a camping style, I personally believe our community would be better off without them.

As someone who has been a part of the competitive scene for several years, I can assure you that camping is definitely not the most efficient way to play the game. Hiding in a corner on a map waiting for someone to come to you so you can kill them while your teammates are dying trying to gain map control makes playing the game unbearable at times. My personal favorite is when some players would crouch walk across the map with the speed of a turtle and doing absolutely nothing to help out their team just so no one spots them moving on the motion tracker. Although we have always had to encounter individuals who play like this every once and awhile, these past few months have been the worst with motion tracker being in competitive play.


In my opinion, the same fears some of the past competitors had with motion tracker before are still valid. Motion tracker over time does create bad habits and it does hurt a player's map awareness. Although we may not see these bad habits happen on a top level, many amateur players today are struggling with these bad habits and I fear that the habits would be hard to get rid of over time.

Another complaint I have with motion tracker is using it on most maps. As many of you know, most Halo 5 maps have multi-leveled platforms and as many of you have experienced, motion tracker does not do too well with these platforms. Countless times, I have had to turn around since my motion tracker made it seem like someone was behind me but they were an entire floor above me.

I do not like to believe that it was my fault for looking at the motion tracker and preparing myself for a potential individual battle since that is the whole point of motion tracker. This is a scenario that most players will face and, in my opinion, it is silly that we need to deal with this. To me, this shows that the current motion tracker Halo 5 has not only promotes a bad play style, but it is also not designed very well for Halo 5’s maps.


Of course, this is all my opinion but if you ask me, the idea that it promotes bad habits and is not efficient for the maps we currently have is more than enough to prove why motion tracker is hurting competitive play in Halo 5. I am not necessarily against the idea of motion tracker being in competitive play, but the current system that we have is definitely hurting us more than helping us.

What do you think about Motion Tracker hurting competitive play? Let me know in the comments section below.

Image credits go to IGN, Halo Waypoint, Google Plus and GameRanx

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