CTF on Behemoth removed from Halo Infinite ranked playlist for repairs

The update won't require a download or any other action from the user.

Image via 343 Industries

A new Halo Infinite update today has disabled the mode/map pairing of CTF (Capture the Flag) on Behemoth from the ranked playlist, with the team at 343 Industries confirming it will be taking time fix some of its issues.

In a Halo Waypoint blog post authored by senior community manager John Junyszek, 343 acknowledged the CTF/Behemoth combination was “not performing in ranked as intended,” mostly due to frustrations regarding spawn locations and the amount of effective cover.

The post outlines that the map’s spawns and the lack of viable cover provided creates a more “frenetic” pace to the match, with well-coordinated team pushes and flag pulls falling apart quickly, and players being more frustrated by some of the more “unpredictable” spawn locations. The lack of cover for spawning players often results in them being shot instantaneously and put into a disadvantage.

The CTF experience on Behemoth is widely regarded by most pro players as the worst match on the ranked playlist. Not only is CTF on Behemoth not included in the map pool for professional Halo Championship Series matches, but the Behemoth map as a whole isn’t included at all.

Like other developers have done for maps in their competitive titles, 343 is bringing CTF on Behemoth back to the shop to get fixed up. The team said in the update post it is confident it can successfully address the problem areas. It also said it would only consider adding it back to the ranked playlist after a period of “rigorous testing.”

The update is being made to Halo Infinite‘s online services and will not require a download or any action from the user.