Crowd Control Picks Up DannyKnight

Crowd Control, one of the top amateur teams this season, has decided to pick up Mexican Halo Pro DannyKnight as their 4th for this weekends Open Qualifier.

Halo 5 is a game that hasdeveloped a reputation for bringing out some of the most talentedindividuals competitive Halo has ever seen. Thanks to 343 andESL’s open qualifying tournaments last season, and with theOpen Qualifier starting tomorrow, many talented players and teamshave entered the spotlight and Crowd Control is one ofthem.

In recent weeks, Crowd Controlhas been a major topic of discusion in the amateur scene and it isfor good reason. This team is very talented and is expected to be amajor contender for a spot in the Last Chance Qualifier. The teamoriginally started with Levi “LeVy” Stump, Joshua “Tragic”Linenkugel, Tomell “Very Nerdy” Day and Scaryotic. The team wouldsoon after part ways with Scaryotic in the hopes of finding someonewho would be a better fit. For the past week, this team has ranwith several top prospects and they seem to feel most comfortablewith Daniel “DanyKnight”Rivas.

For those of you who do not knowwho DannyKnight is, he is a Professional Mexican Halo Player whowas originally on the professional Mexican team Chosen Legacy. Thisteam did really well last season after qualifying for the LatinAmerican (LATAM) Regional Finals, placing second. This team wouldnot be very active afterwards, however, which may have been thereason DannyKnight left the team to find success with this newteam.

With such little time teamingtogether, it will be very interesting to see how DannyKnight, aswell as this entire Crowd Control roster, does this weekend in theOpen Qualifiers. They will be facing a lot of competition and withso many obstacles to overcome to even get into the Last ChanceQualifier, Crowd Control will definitely be pushed to theirlimits.

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*Credits for these picturesgo to Crowd Control and DannyKnight