Beyond Entertainment to Host 4v4 No Radar Invitational

The No Radar Invitational will feature Team EnVyUs and Luminosity, two of Halo's hottest pro teams.

To showcase how Halo 5: Guardians plays without radar enabled, Beyond Entertainment has announced a 4v4 No Radar Invitational. The showmatch will feature two of competitive Halo’s best teams: Team EnVyUs and Luminosity.

The tournament is a result of a poll in which pro Halo players expressed that they prefer the game without radar. The No Radar Invitational will be a best-of-13 event, providing a lengthy viewing experience and time to showcase the new settings.

Team EnVyUs and Luminosity will be competing for a $500 prize. The match will be streamed on Twitch and will be cast by Clicked and Infinity.

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Image by @mediaBRUTE