All maps in Halo Infinite

There are plenty of familiar feelings coming from these maps.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite has been around for a short while now and finally new content is being added to the game. At launch, the game featured the classic arena shooter gunplay fans have come to love, but Infinite has also added some new map additions to spice up gameplay with Season two.

There are 12 different maps to play in Halo Infinite in total, but there seems to be more room in the menu for player-voted maps and other creations that may come to the game sometime in the future.

The 12 maps currently in the game boast a ton of variety in size, design, and theme, and as you’d expect given the vast map library from the previous games, there are some familiar-looking designs among them.

All maps in Halo Infinite

Screengrab via 343 Studios


Breaker is one of the two first post-launch maps introduced to Halo Infinite. Breaker is one of the larger maps currently in the game and is set within a desert-like terrain split into three sections. You’ve got a variety of open stretches leading to large indoor structures outfitted with some tight hallways for close-range combat. Running down the center of the map is a chasm of lava with a laser raining down from above, so watch your step.


Catalyst is the second new map that was introduced in Season two. This smaller arena is indoors and is made for medium and close-range action. As you navigate the structure, there are a ton of different levels to jump on and areas to catch enemies off-guard. There are no vehicles on this map, but there are weapons scattered all around.


Aquarius is your classic arena map with a variety of different open rooms and tight corridors to navigate through. You won’t find any vehicles on this map. 


Bazaar is another arena-style map with no vehicles. This run-down streetside map is larger than Aquarius but has a similar mix of elevated structures to go along with its open streets.


Behemoth is a medium-sized map with open planes on either side of the structure present within its center. There are a few different vehicles available to use on this map and they’re able to maneuver between the tight corridors within the structure.


Deadlock is one of Halo Infinite’s larger multiplayer maps with massive open fields, tight caves, and different structures to hide within. There are a few vehicle options on this map, as well as mounted guns that can be used to take out oncoming foes. The rocky terrain also offers some cover when traversing stretches of open land.


Fragmentation is another of the larger maps currently in the game. This map has one central structure with massive pillars also spread across the map. There is a huge variety in elevation on this map, which provides loads of cover and separates big parts of the battlefield from one another. Like all large maps, there are different vehicles to use and a ton of different places to occupy and do battle.


With two bases separated by a giant wall in the center of the huge map, Highpower is the perfect map for those who consider themselves a sniper. Players will need to venture through the wall or around either of its mountainous side paths to cross the map, and this will provide ample opportunities for snipers to take their shots. Both base structures offer the perfect view over the center of the map, but with the vehicles present on the map, foes can quickly get behind with some clever driving.

Launch Site

Launch Site is another medium-sized arena map. You’ll only find one vehicle here, but you will find plenty of chokepoints amongst wide open spaces in this facility. The map has a great mix of medium and short-range combat areas.

Live Fire

If you were lucky enough to play Halo Infinite during its testing phase, you’ll be more than familiar with Live Fire. This map is medium-sized with a mix of indoor chokepoints and open terrain outside. 


Recharge is another textbook indoor Halo arena map. While there may not be any massive open spaces on this map, there are plenty of connected rooms to do battle in and different elevations from which to attack.


The name says it all for this map. Streets sets players against each other on the street with a handful of buildings to use as cover and set up short-range combat situations. If you’re a run-and-gun player who likes to keep moving, this might be one of the better maps for your playstyle.