All Halo Infinite Winter Contingency rewards

Unlock these rewards while you can.

Image via 343 Industries.

The Halo Infinite Winter Contingency event is here, and fans can grind through a new free pass to unlock exclusive rewards. The items include armor and weapon skins alongside other goodies like nameplates and backdrops. 

Halo Infinite allows players to customize their Spartans with several different options. Players can change their armor color, add extra details to each limb, and even replace limbs with prosthetics. The Winter Contingency event adds even more options for players looking for holiday cheer. 

Players can unlock these rewards by completing event challenges. These appear in the same tracker with the regular daily and weekly challenges and are marked with a special red symbol. They typically follow the same structure as other challenges and should be simple to complete.

Here are all of the Halo Infinite Winter Contingency rewards.

  1. Wild Justice epic nameplate
  2. Peppermint Laughter rare armor coating
  3. UA/Tatius rare left shoulder pad (Mark VII)
  4. UA/Tatius rare right shoulder pad (Mark VII)
  5. Peppermint Laughter rare weapon coating (MA40 Assault Rifle)
  6. Snowmageddon epic backdrop
  7. Navlogcom rare nameplate
  8. Peppermint Laughter rare armor coating (MK50 Sidekick)
  9. Myesel Ammo Pouch rare utility (Mark VII)
  10. Sunset Contessa epic armor coating (Mark VII)

This event is a great way to unlock gear for your Spartan without spending money and is the latest limited-time event in Infinite. It is unclear if these items will return next year or if other items will take their place.

The Winter Contingency event will be available until Jan. 3, meaning players have just under two weeks to unlock all 10 rewards. Make sure to unlock these exclusive items before they disappear.