A new Halo Infinite event drops tomorrow, and its rewards are full of classic Reach armor

Even more free ways to deck out your Mark V (B) core.

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Image via 343 Industries

Season three of Halo Infinite is on the horizon. With less than two months remaining, the final event of the winter update—Joint Fire—is scheduled to drop tomorrow, with developer 343 Industries releasing a new trailer that showcases both the classic and new cosmetics that will be available as rewards.

The two-week Joint Fire event brings back the Covert One Flag limited-time mode that debuted when the winter update launched and features a 10-tier event pass that includes most prominently a shiny new take on Halo Reach‘s JFO armor set.

While the Mark V (B) Spartan core has been in Halo Infinite since the season one battle pass, not all of Halo Reach‘s armor made it into the game alongside it. The majority of fan-favorite pieces made it into that original battle pass, but it’s only now in the winter update that some of the more notable exclusions—such as CQC, CQB, and JFO—have finally returned in all of their remastered goodness. Unlike that original battle pass, all of these later additions are completely free to obtain as well, a small gift for the players in the wake of Infinite‘s development issues.

Aside from the armor that headlines Joint Fire’s event pass, the free rewards also feature the two new visor colors ‘action lime’ and ‘bay sunset’, as well as the ‘violet crush’ armor coating. Players will have plenty of time to obtain these rewards since the small event will have a longer runtime than usual, concluding on Jan. 31.

The event will serve as an effective stopgap in the content drought before season three’s arrival in early March, but the entire month of February continues to look like an empty one for new Halo Infinite updates. Nothing was previewed on the roadmap between the Joint Fire event and the season’s launch, and that more than likely continues to be the case.


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