343 looking into Halo Infinite battle pass progression and more following yesterday’s multiplayer launch

The devs are monitoring the situation.

Image via 343 Industries

343 Industries is taking a look at battle pass progression in the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta and gathering information from the game’s launch. 

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode was released early yesterday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox. Hundreds of thousands of fans dived into the iconic multiplayer mode, enjoying the free multiplayer of the latest Halo title. While Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free to play, fans can purchase premium items from the shop. They can also purchase the premium version of the battle pass to unlock exclusive content as they play.

But Halo Infinite’s battle pass has been criticized by players because it’s tedious to level up, especially for casual fans. Players can only rank up their battle pass by completing specific challenges. No battle pass XP is rewarded for completing games, meaning players can grind several matches and potentially not make any progress in their pass. Some challenges also require players to participate in certain game modes, even though it’s currently impossible to select the specific mode. Thus, they have to wait for it to appear in rotation. 

343 Industries is aware of these issues and is monitoring the battle pass progression from launch day. Brian Jarrard, the community director at 343 Industries, confirmed the devs are gathering data from the first day of play sessions and will “share updates as we have them.” The team is looking into battle pass progression and could potentially make changes if the player base is progressing through the pass slowly. 

Some players have suggested adding XP rewards for completing matches to help grind through the battle pass while keeping the current challenge system in place. It’s unclear if any changes will be introduced, but fans can take comfort in knowing 343 Industries is monitoring the situation. 


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