3 diamond-encrusted Twitch drops will be available for Halo Infinite’s Orlando Major

Opportunities to earn free cosmetics all weekend long.

Photo via HCS

Halo Infinite’s final major LAN tournament before Worlds, HCS Orlando, will begin next Friday, Sept. 23. As with each tournament that has come before it, players who tune in throughout the weekend will be able to get their hands on a variety of free rewards through Twitch drops. And today, what those Twitch drops are this time around was finally revealed.

For the Orlando Major, three Twitch drops in total will be available and each of them has a different window of availability and a different amount of watch time required. The first reward to become available on Friday, Sept. 23 is a Diamond weapon charm, a drop that will run throughout the entire weekend and requires two hours of watching official streams to grab. The second Twitch drop is actually a returning reward from the European Finals at HCS Valencia: the “Gladiator’s Edge” skin for the Sidekick pistol. This also requires two hours of watch time, but will only be available on Saturday, Sept. 24 and Sunday, Sept. 25.

The final reward is the event’s grand finals drop and it’s a matching “Gladiator’s Edge” skin for the Commando rifle. At the conclusion of Championship Sunday, tuning into the finals for an hour will get you the weapon skin. If, as it has done in the past, the grand finals run shorter than the full hour needed for the Twitch drop, the HCS has previously hosted a partnered streamer so audience members can still watch for the time needed to get that final bit of loot.

Getting your Twitch drops requires linking your Halo Waypoint account to your Twitch and then watching the Orlando Major through Halo‘s official Twitch channels. A lot of major roster shakeups have happened since the last LAN tournament in Kansas City, as well as the online NA Super that saw OpTic Gaming take down Gamer’s First in the grand finals. Many Halo fans will be curious to see whether they will be able to translate that performance into a LAN environment or if the likes of Cloud9 and Sentinels will add another Major trophy to their cabinets.