2050 Announces Halo 5 Event

With the community's hunger for more Halo 5 events growing, an organization by the name of 2050 has showed up to help out.

For several months, competitiveHalo fans have made it clear that they want more events to behosted for Halo5. Weekly onlinetournaments just are not enough to satisfy a growing community andmore events are starting to become a necessity to unite thiscommunity. Luckily for us, an organization by the name of 2050 Esports recognizes thisdilemma and is interested in helping out.

Yesterday, the organizationannounced a Halo5 open LAN eventwith a $5,000 prize pool scheduled to be from Sept. 3-4 inChattanooga, Tennessee.

This news came as a bit of asurprise to the community, but fans have already started showingtheir support for the new organization in the hopes of making thisevent as good as possible.

It is great to see a youngorganization like 2050 Esports show so much interest in Halo.Events like this are always enjoyed by the community since theyallow so many people who share the same interest to connect witheach other in a real environment. It is also a great opportunityfor the up-and-coming amateur players to gain some experiencecompeting at a LAN event, compared to competing online with thehope of better preparing themselves for more seriouscompetition.

With 2050 Esports hosting thisevent, we are left to assume that we as a community are doingsomething right to attract the attention of outside organizations.Events like this are always a great thing and hopefully we can getas much support around this event as possible so that we can buildoff of this. If you want to learn more about 2050 Esports and buy apass for this event, click here.

What do you think about 2050Esports Hosting a Halo5 event? Let me know inthe comments section below.