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Gosaku Armor inventory
Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to get the Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Get the best armor in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima‘s open-world poetry peaks with the Gosaku Armor, a legendary ensemble that transformed a humble farmer into a lethal samurai.

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As a player, you can choose to scoff at the whispers of this legendary armor, much like the doubting farmers, or fully immerse yourself in the fantasy by acquiring the ultimate gear in Ghost of Tsushima. While the finest treasures in Sucker Punch‘s RPG come without a price tag, they certainly demand dedication. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the Unbreakable Gosaku in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to start the Unbreakable Gosaku in Ghost of Tsushima

Gosaku Armor showcase
Looking good. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Join Yamato in Akashima village to hear more about the Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima. You get a side quest objective saying, “Find music in Akashima,” which points to Yamato’s instrument. You can find him sitting by the fire in the center of the village.

How to complete The Unbreakable Gosaku in Ghost of Tsushima

After you hear the tale of the farmer-turned-samurai, you must obtain the six keys from the six farmsteads to access the hidden Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima. So, get on your horse and pay them all a visit. Here’s every key location and how you can find it:

How to free all six farmsteads

To get the keys, you must free the Ijima, Yagata, Koshimizu, Kuta, Ohama, and Aoi Farmsteads. Some are more crowded than others, but the goal is to rescue all hostages marked with a yellow icon above their hands while defeating the Mongol invaders. If you’re having trouble taking care of the enemies, try visiting some Hot Springs to increase your health.

Get the Key of Ijima

Ijima Village key
To the rescue. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The easiest key to get is the Key of Ijima, which is unsurprisingly located on Ijima Farmstead. Rescue the hostages by assassinating the enemies. Once all four hostages are freed, the last one grants you one of the keys to unlock the Gosaku Armor.

Get the Key of Yagata

Yagata Village key
Free some hostages. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Next, head to Yagata Farmstead and rescue the three hostages there. Once the third is rescued, she hands you the Key of Yagata. 

Get the Key of Koshimizu

Koshimizu Village key
Untie. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To get this key to unlock the Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima, kill the Mongol guards in the garden and rescue three hostages. After your heroic deeds, you get the Key of Koshimizu. You’re halfway through completing The Unbreakable Gosaku now.

Get the Key of Kuta

Kuta Village key
Stealthy rescue. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To get the Key of Kuta, you must kill five enemies in a row without taking damage and rescue three hostages. It’s better if you take a stealthy approach to this one. As long as you avoid detection, you can’t take damage. Once that’s out of the way, you’ve rewarded the key.

Get the Key of Ohama

Ohama Village key
Fishers, saved. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The next key you should head to the Ohama Fishing Village and rescue the three hostages. After you’ve saved them, the farmers gift you the Key of Ohama.

Get the Key of Aoi

Aoi Village key
One final push. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The final key to unlock the Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima is in Aoi Village. To liberate this village and get the key, rescue all three hostages.

How to unlock the Gosaku Armor

opening chest to armor
Time for some parkour. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you’ve got all six keys, travel to the hill in Akashima in Ghost of Tsushima. Follow these steps to get the armor:

  1. Follow the yellow marker to the sealed stone door. Use the keys to open it.
  2. Grapple onto the broken tree on the mountain to reach the top.
  3. Then, grab onto the ledges on the right to reach the platform on the far right. 
  4. Climb the stairs and grapple onto the tree branch ahead.
  5. Use the fallen tree log to reach the next area. If you fall, you can grab onto the ledges below.
  6. When you reach the top, there’s a treasure chest you can collect to get the Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

Gosaku’s Armor Stats in Ghost of Tsushima

The Gosaku armor gives you a health and stagger damage increase. It also restores health when you kill staggered enemies, which pretty much makes you invincible. Here’s everything you need to max it out:

  • Level two: Improve Gosaku’s Helmet for 250 supplies and 10 linens.
  • Level three: Refine Gosaku’s Helmet for 500 supplies, 20 linen, and 10 leather.
  • Level four: Massive health increase, major stagger damage increase, and 20% health restoration after killing staggered enemies. Requires 750 supplies, 30 linen, 20 leather, and six silk.
  • Level five: Colossal health increase, massive stagger damage increase, and 20% health restoration after killing staggered enemies. Requires 1000 supplies, 40 linen, 30 leather, and eight silk.

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