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Hot Spring
Screenshot by Dot Esports

All Hot Spring locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Discover Hot Springs all across the island of Tsushima, reflecting on the past and rejuvenating health.

In the expansive realm of Ghost of Tsushima, Hot Springs serve as a safe haven that provide Jin Sakai a break from relentless combat and a meaningful connection to the Island’s natural beauty.

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While Hot Springs are a tranquil delight for your character, they also have a more practical effect. Each time Jin steps into a Hot Spring, it increases his maximum health. With over a dozen Hot Springs scattered across the Island of Tsushima, here’s how you can find them.

All Hot Springs locations in Ghost of Tsushima

There are 18 Hot Springs divided into the three regions of the map. Izuhara, Kamiagata and Toyotama. You will only get the option to access some of them after you have completed all three acts of Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s how you can find them.

All Izuhara Hot Spring locations in Ghost of Tsushima

a map image with locations of Hot Springs marked
All Izuhara Hot Spring locations. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can access all Izuhara Hot Springs during Act One of Ghost of Tsushima. There are nine Hot Springs to be found in the region, and if you miss one, you can always come back to it in later stages of the game.

Edition NumberNameLocation
01Seaside Hot Spring Travel across the western section of the River Child’s Wetlands to spot the Hot Spring located by the river bed.
02Quite Basin Hot SpringHead south from the Azuro Pond or west of the Stone Arch crossing in Archer’s Rise to spot the Hot Spring.
03Rising Tree Hot SpringFollow the path west of Kiis’s Pond until you come across a patch of white flowers. Continue down the path to find the Hot Spring right in front of you. You can also head north from Archer’s Rise to find it.
04Mountain View Hot Spring Continue down the path north of the Winding Trail in the Ariake Province to find this Hot Spring.
05Carved Mountain Hot SpringGo across the River Falls Bridge towards Komatsu. Follow the hill on the left and go past the Mongol camp to reach a cliff. Climb on it to find the Hot Spring.
06Golden leaf Hot Spring Exit the Golden Temple from the eastern gates and continue down the path until you come across a cliff. Your destination will be on the top.
07Hiyoshi Inn Hot SpringThis Hot Spring can be found early on in the game. Head to the small town of the Hiyoshi Inn Springs and speak with the woman overlooking the inn while standing on the bridge. Speak with her to be guided to a warm bath.
08Castle Lookout Hot SpringFollow the road north of the Sensei Ishilawa’s Dojo to spot a watchtower next to a cliff. Climb on top of the cliff to hear the sound of the spring’s bubbles. Follow the sound to take a relaxing bath.
09Firefly Hill Hot SpringThere aren’t too many landmarks near this Hot Spring but you can travel to the western section of Izuhara Clearing (hidden altar) to find it.

If you’re finding it hard to locate one of the Hot Springs, try looking for yellow birds chirping in the area. They’ll guide you towards the relaxing warmth of the springs.

All Toyotama Hot Spring locations in Ghost of Tsushima

a map of Toyotma with Hot Spring locations marked on the map.
Six Hot Springs are scattered across Toyotama. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Six Hot Springs await you in the region of Toyotama. They become accessible during Act Two of Ghost of Tsushima.

Edition NumberNameLocation
01Massy Rest Hot SpringThis Hot Spring is located at the southern end of Umugi Province. To reach it, exit the eastern side of Umugi Cave and follow the road towards the survivor camp. Just before the camp, take a sharp right to find a bridge. Cross the bridge and climb the cliff to arrive at your destination.
02Marsh Tide Hot SpringTravel to the eastern corner of the Toyotama province towards the Hakutaku Forest. Follow the road east through the forest to arrive at the Hot Spring. A few wild boars will start chasing you, so take them out, or escape them before relaxing.
03Yashinaka Hot SpringFollow the road on the east of the Mamushi Farmnsetad and head straight. Climb up the hill next to the Down Refuge to find the Hot Spring.
04Morning Glory Hot SpringClimb down the stairs from the eastern section of the stronghold from the Yarikwa Village and head north to find it
05Bamboo Forest Hot SpringFollow the crossroads leading to the south from Old Toyotama Hills to find the Hot Spring encaved in the bamboo forest.
06Maple Shade Hot SpringExit the Fort Koyasan from the western section and head straight until you come across a crossroads. Follow it to arrive at the Hot Spring.

All Kamiagata Hot Spring locations in Ghost of Tsushima

A map of the Kamiagata region with three hot springs marked.
Last three. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are a total of three Hot Springs in the Kamiagata region, available for use during Act Three of Ghost of Tsushima.

Edition NumberNameLocation
01Jitto Foothill’s Hot SpringThere is no landmark for this Hot Spring. To find it, simply enter deep inside the forest of Jitto Hills and listen for the sound of bubbles popping
02White Mist Hot SpringExit Castle Shimurai from the northern gates and follow the road. The road leads directly to the Hot Spring
03Marimae Hot SpringFrom the Marimae Brewery village, travel to the eastern corner of the map. The Hot Springs will be behind the cliffs leading to the water.

Finding all 18 Hot Springs will increase Jin’s health to the maximum and also reward you with the Body, Mind, and Spirit trophy on PlayStation and PC.

All Iki Island Hot Spring locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Iki Island is the expansion for Ghost of Tsushima, available with the Director’s Cut edition of the game. There are two Hot Springs on the island, an you can use them at any given point.

Edition NumberNameLocation
01Senjo Gorge Hot SpringThere isn’t a landmark near this Hot Spring. To find it, head towards the southeastern corner of Iki Island towards the Senjo Gorge and follow the curved road leading to the mountain cliffs. The Hot Spring will be located right below a gorgeous tree covered with violet flowers.
02Gonoura Cape Hot SpringWhile crossing the road from the Sarubashi province leading to the Gonoura Cape, make a sharp right towards the small lake.

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