Where to find Sumpter Beasts in Genshin Impact

There are domesticated ones and wild ones.

Image via miHoYo

There are more areas to explore, more flowers to collect, and more animal species to interact with than ever in Genshin Impact after the 3.0 update unlocked the region of Sumeru.

The Sumpter Beasts are one of the animal species that can only be found in Sumeru at the moment in Genshin Impact. If you’re exploring this new region, you’ll likely come across them. The Sumpter Beasts play a part in the history of Sumeru as many people in the region have made their life with herds of these animals.

There are two variations of Sumpter Beasts in Genshin Impact: the Shaggy Sumpter Beasts and the Wild Sumpter Beasts. The Shaggy Sumpter Beasts are calm and tame towards you because they have been domesticated by the people of Sumeru, while the Wild Sumpter Beats can react aggressively when you approach them as they have not been trained. Both are big brown animals with horns.

In addition to these two, there is also a Sumpter Beastlord that you’ll come across during the quest “Where are The Fierce Creatures?”. You can find this in a tiny cave in the Cinnabar Cliff, between Sumeru City and The Chasm.

Where to find Sumpter Beasts in Genshin Impact

If you’re already exploring the region of Sumeru, you’ll spot multiple Sumpter Beasts. Just had to any town or village of Sumeru and you should come across various Shaggy Sumpter Beasts.

As for the Wild Sumpter Beasts, they can normally be found in Sumeru locations that are away from the civilization like the rainforests. Just do your exploration in the wilderness and you’ll likely find Wild Sumpter Beasts in your way.