Where to find frogs in Genshin Impact

The best location to find these little critters.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG with action-adventure elements. The massive scale of the open world in this game allows for a variety of activities to be undertaken over the course of your gameplay. Many of these features are independent of each other while the others require you to get certain items in order to be effective, such as crafting.

Crafting requires a variety of different items to be used in recipes. Each recipe provides something different to the player in terms of stats or items they can use. One of these items is frogs.

Frogs are a resource in Genshin Impact. In past updates, there have been events in the game that require players to gather frogs. In general, frogs can be found in shallow bodies of water. So your best bet to find frogs would be at the shores of the multitude of beaches in the game as well as lakesides.

Frogs are used to craft offensive support items and getting them will put you in an advantageous position in the game. These are some of the items you can craft using frogs.

Flaming Essential OilOne Frog, One Flaming Flower Stamen
Shocking Essential OilOne Frog, One Electro Crystal
Streaming Essential OilOne Frog, One Lotus Head
Unmoving Essential OilOne Frog, One Cor Lapis

With all of the utility of frogs, where does one find them?

Best locations to find frogs in Genshin Impact

Screengrab via miHoYo

Each of the green dots shown in the interactive map here denotes a location where frogs spawn. While these might not be the best locations to farm them, the ones mentioned below might be better options to go for.

  • Dadaupa Gorge: This location spawns about five frogs in total. For best results, check the lakeside area nearest to the teleport location.
  • Luhua Pool: This location spawns about four frogs in total. From the teleport location, go to the nearest waters and look around the rocks and trees in the area.
  • Mt. Aocang East: This location provides quite a bounty of around 10 frogs in total. Arrive at the teleporter and walk east. You should see an area with a pool of water where the frogs spawn.
  • Qingxu Pool South-East: This location also spawns around 10 frogs in total. Teleport to the north of Qingxu Pool and walk south till you reach a fork in the water. Follow the southeast route to find the location.
  • Springvale South: This location spawns five frogs in total. Get to the teleport location and then turn around to the body of water. Walk towards it and you should see the frogs.

And those are some of the most reliable locations where frogs can be acquired. With the introduction of the new Sumeru region, there are even more locations to be explored and we will keep you posted with any new changes.