How to get the Summit Shaper in Genshin Impact: unlock guide, stats, and more

It'll be back before you know it.

Images via miHoYo

There are many weapons in Genshin Impact and each come with its unique characteristics. While starter weapons can be forgotten quickly, you may find yourself chasing after five-star weapons toward the later stages of the game to deck out your character.

Unlike low-tier weapons, five stars may not always be available in Genshin. They can be event-exclusive, meaning they can only be picked up in specific events. This doesn’t mean players only get a single chance at obtaining a weapon, though, as such weapons can come back to the game when their event rolls back to the game.

The Summit Shaper was introduced to Genshin Impact during the Epitome Invocation event in Dec. 2020 and it’s a part of the Liyue Series.

How to get the Summit Shaper in Genshin

The Summit Shaper can only be unlocked during the Epitome Invocation event. Players will need to wish under the Epitome Invocation banners to add the Summit Sharper to their collection and the event has only been live twice so far.

The Epitome Invocation banners were available in Genshin between Dec. 23, 2020 and Jan. 12, 2021, and Apr. 28, 2021 and May 18, 2021. At the time of writing, it isn’t possible to obtain the Summit Shaper in Genshin and players will need to wait for Epitome Invocation banners to return to the game.

The Summit Shaper’s skill effects in Genshin

Golden Majesty StackShield Strength BoostAttack Boost
One20 percentFour percent
Two25 percentFive percent
Three30 percentSix percent
Four35 percentSeven percent
Five40 percentEight percent

The Summit Shaper’s stats in Genshin

Level one-to-90 Base Attack46-to-608
Level one-to-90 Bonus StatAttack + 10.8 percent-to-49.6 percent

The Summit Shaper’s Ascension Materials in Genshin

LevelAscension Materials
20-40Five Luminous Sands from GuyunFive Hunter’s Sacrificial KnivesThree Damaged Masks
40-50Five Lustrous Stones from Guyun18 Hunter’s Sacrificial Knives12 Damaged Masks
50-60Nine Lustrous Stones from GuyunNine Agent’s Sacrificial KnivesNine Stained Masks
60-70Five Relics from Guyun18 Agent’s Sacrificial Knives14 Stained Masks
70-80Nine Relics from Guyun14 Inspector’s Sacrificial KnivesNine Ominous Masks
80-90Six Divine Bodies from Guyun27 Inspector’s Sacrificial Knives18 Ominous Masks