What are golden glowing flowers in Genshin Impact and what do they do?

You'll need them eventually in your journey.

Image via miHoYo

Exploring the Genshin Impact’s beautiful world Teyvat is integral to the game and the golden glowing flowers found in the Sumeru region can be important for getting where you need to be in the game.

The region is full of mountains, steep cliffs, and high places for players to climb when going to an objective or while simply exploring. You’ll notice climbing quickly consumes your stamina and if it runs out with you still clinging to the wall, you might fall to your death.

It’s important to be patient and avoid boosting the ascend as it consumes too much stamina, but that’s when the golden glowing flowers will be useful to you.

What are golden glowing flowers and what do they do in Genshin Impact?

You’ll recognize them by their glowing light sticking out of the mountains and hills of Sumeru. Once you pass through one of the golden glowing flowers, your stamina meter will be completely refilled, allowing you to continue to run or climb.

You don’t have to do anything but simply pass through them to get the stamina buff. Sometimes, the flowers will be placed in strategic positions for the player to climb so you don’t have to worry about running out of stamina before you reach the top.

Don’t worry if used them on your exploration and fell halfway through, these Genshin Impact flowers will respawn over time and you can try again.