Genshin Impact Archon quest: How to negotiate with Dori’s informants

How to get past this point in the Archon quest.

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Amid many rumors and expectations, Genshin Impact released the Sumeru region to the game in the 3.0 update. This update expands more on the area as a whole and brings more clarity to the elusive Dendro element. With a lot of Dendro-related quests and themes in this update, it’s only natural that we get to meet the Archon of the Dendro element.

Interacting with the Archon is not easy, however. It involves a series of quests that players will have to go through first to gain an audience with the Archon. One common point where players generally tend to find a hitch in the questline is the part where they have to negotiate with Dori’s informants.

Dori’s informants

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Going through the Archon quest, this hitch arises in Chapter three: Act one – Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark. This part of the quest properly introduces players to Sumeru as you and Paimon have to find a way to meet the Dendro Archon. The only thing known about her at this point is that she is called Lesser Lord Kusanali.

In this quest, there is a subquest called Lost in Prosperity, which involves you meeting with Alhaitham at Port Ormos. Once the interaction is over, he will ask you to purchase Canned Knowledge from Dori. This will take you to Dori’s informants who will then offer you rare (illegal) goods once the quest is complete.

To first get what you want, you will have to deal with Dori’s informants Latish and Raunak by answering their questions properly. The right answers to these questions are based on Alhaitham’s Informant Code Chart. To simplify this matter, here are the proper responses you can provide.

How to negotiate with Dori’s Informants

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As the quest progresses, follow the marker to meet Latish at Port Ormos. When he asks you the initial question, simply respond with “We want to buy some unripe Harra Fruits.” This is all Latish needs to hear and he will then take you to Raunak, who is not as easy to please.

Raunak will ask you a series of three questions. The correct answers to these three questions will progress the quest forward. Here are the questions and the answers to each one.

  • Please forgive me, but we may not have sufficient stock for you today. Earlier, many of our Harra Fruits were taken by mice.
    • Congratulations to you.
  • You look like you have some skill. Why don’t I pick out some fruits that’ll make you dizzy?
    • Dizziness with a side of tinnitus, please.
  • Would you like your Harra Fruits packaged in the Sumeru City or Port Ormos style?
    • Port Ormos style.

Upon getting the proper responses, Raunak will lead you to a certain part of Port Ormos on the southeast end. This is where you meet Dori to continue the questline.