All events and gifts in Genshin Impact’s second anniversary celebration

Get ready for some free Wishes and lots of Primogems.

Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact, the free-to-play open-world gacha-style game, has enthralled fans in the lands of Teyvat over the past two years.

To celebrate this momentous occasion for the game, hoYoverse will be rewarding players with several festivities and gifts over the next few months. The second-anniversary celebration will begin alongside the release of Patch 3.1 on Sept. 28, which brings players further into the land of Sumeru and its accompanying Archon Quest.

In the recent patch overview Livestream, various voice actors and developers for Genshin Impact elaborated on what players can expect to see in the second-anniversary celebration. This includes a handful of news events, which provide exclusive rewards and free gifts for all players for simply logging into the game.

All events and gifts in Genshin Impact’s second anniversary celebration

Players can obtain myriad rewards through a new log-on bonus, which will provide them with items over a seven-day period. Like previous special log-in bonuses, players can earn Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mythic Enhancement Ore, and up to ten Intertwined Fate, which you can use in the limited Wishes.

HoYoverse will also send a special one-time gift to all players with the release of Patch 3.1 as an anniversary present. The rewards include four Fragile Resin, a special party popper, a buddy version of Cloud Retainer, and 1,600 Primogems—enough for a free tenfold Wish.

“Of Ballads and Brews” is the main event in this two-year anniversary celebration. In this event, players will return to Monstadt, where they started their journeys, to learn more about Razor and his past by completing various activities. Rewards include Primogems, Mora, and the new four-star polearm Missive Windspear.

The “Wind Chaser” event has players interacting with a new character’s strange devices that control wind currents. Here, players must go through various puzzles to accumulate Wincoins scattered throughout, allowing them to earn rewards like Primogems and character-ascension materials.

A more “relaxing” event known as “Star-Seeker’s Sojourn” will involve players traversing the lands of Sumeru to find items known as “Future Stars.” Players can locate these Future Stars and earn items like Primogems and Mora using a special device exclusive to the event.

The “Hyakunin Ikki” event will also be returning in Patch 3.1, taking place near Inazuma City. In this event, players must defeat several opponents in succession to accrue points towards a high score within a time limit. You’ll be able to equip buffs to many teams to help increase your score.

No start nor end dates have been revealed for any of these events, though it is likely that the main anniversary event, “Of Ballads and Brews,” will begin promptly after the Genshin Impact Patch 3.1 on Sept. 28.