YouTube is down, 503 errors appearing

Google and Gmail are also in the crossfire.

Image via YouTube

YouTube and Google were experiencing blackouts across the board earlier today with a multitude of sites facing downtime.

The reason behind the issues is unknown, but most of the sites were showing an “error 503” when people were trying to access anything owned by Google. On the YouTube website, viewers were being greeted with a “Something went wrong…” error instead.

While YouTube appears to be down for everyone, some users are still able to access Google search and Gmail albeit for a little while before it crashes once again.

It’s unknown how much longer YouTube and YouTube’s livestreaming service will be down. Google has yet to acknowledge what is going on. At first glance, it appears that the issues stem from a server outage on Google’s end but we won’t know the cause for sure until an official statement is made.

Update Dec. 14 6:33am CT: YouTube appears to be working again for some users but is still down for others. Apparently, if you aren’t logged in or in incognito, it works fine.

Update Dec. 14 6:40am CT: YouTube appears to be back to normal now but some Google services, like Gmail, are still down.