You can earn a free Lunar New Year avatar starting today in Smite

Happy Lunar New Year.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Everyone knows that the best type of cosmetic rewards in games are those you get for free. Right now, in Smite, you can snag a limited-time avatar to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

One could argue that Smite has some of the best cosmetics of any video game in existence. And Hi-Rez Studios is also more than willing to give at least a few of those cosmetics away for free. Whether it’s Prime Gaming skins or free event avatars, you shouldn’t have an issue snagging a few freebies in Smite.

Right now, you can earn a free avatar themed around the Lunar New Year. In Smite, your avatar acts as what would be the social media equivalent of your profile display photo. All you’ll need to do to add the Lunar New Year avatar to your collection is earn one “First Win of the Day” anytime between today and Feb. 7.

Once you earn your “First Win of the Day” in addition to the rewards you usually earn for doing so, you’ll also have the Lunar New Year avatar added to your collection. If you’re someone who perhaps doesn’t feel up to playing Conquest Smite at the moment, there’s no need to worry.

You can earn the “First Win of the Day” bonus required to receive the avatar in any game mode. That means you can head into the Arena and earn your avatar without ever marching down a lane toward a tower. Starting today, you’ll have one entire week to get your new avatar so you can celebrate the Lunar New Year in style.