WoW Classic servers will go down for maintenance this morning

There will be 15 minutes of downtime starting at 9am CT on Aug. 27.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Classic players are facing hours of long queues to join a realm and start playing. Even big streamers had to wait over four hours to join a server after being randomly disconnected. And this morning, everyone will go through that again.

Blizzard announced last night that all WoW Classic realms were included in today’s scheduled server maintenance. The company will disconnect all players and take the servers down for about 15 minutes at 9am CT on Aug. 27.

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When the servers are back, players will be allowed back in when selecting their realm and entering the game. When the server is full, those who were too slow to join will be put in a queue and be forced to wait until people leave.

Blizzard faced no mass reports of server outages or issues with WoW Classic servers after the game’s release yesterday. Occasional server disconnects happened, but they weren’t constant and didn’t seem to indicate major issues with any realm, which still didn’t keep Blizzard from taking everything down for maintenance.

Blizzard said last week that it has the technology to expand the capacity of WoW Classic realms, but that it doesn’t want to do so to avoid issues in the long run. New realms are popping up slowly with decreased population counts so players can face short queues to start playing.

Before release, Blizzard was already expecting that servers with a population marked as “Full” could have queues with up to 10,000 players, but these numbers were as high as 22,000 in some realms last night.

The maintenance announcement comes a week after Blizzard said in a developer Q&A that it wasn’t planning to have maintenance downtime the morning after WoW Classic’s launch.