Who is the main character avatar in Fire Emblem Engage?

Heroes, villains, and toothpaste.

Image via Nintendo

Your next journey in the universe of Fire Emblem will take you far away from lands previously known to the continent of Elyos, but familiar faces will return to help fight off this iteration of the Fell Dragon and its evil conspirators in Fire Emblem Engage

Using the power of Emblems, players will take control of their new avatar character and join forces with previous heroes who can be summoned into battle as ethereal beings. Through that bond, special moves and abilities can be unlocked, such as a new form that is brought out using an “Emblem Engage.”

The returning heroes like Marth and Celica will be what many fans focus on when the game launches, but another key factor for any Fire Emblem game, especially post-Awakening, is how well the player’s avatar character is pulled off. 

Who is the player avatar Alear in Fire Emblem Engage?

Image via Nintendo

Affectionately referred to by some in the community as Toothpaste-chan due to previous leaks not including their name and their bright, mixed-colored hair, the avatar character in Engage is named Alear.

Just like with both Robin and Byleth before them, this name is just a placeholder and is set as the default regardless of which gender you pick at the start of the game when given the option. And, much like those other two, Alear is more than meets the eye.

According to the reveal trailer, Alear is part of a royal family known as the Divine Dragons, which is treated as something beyond mortal in the realms of Elyos. It is suggested that this designation plays a role in why Alear needs to gather the rings capable of bringing Emblems into this world, but no further explanation was provided. 

Outside of that, all we know is that Alear has been asleep for roughly 1,000 years at the time of the main Fire Emblem Engage story picking up.