Where do you find boars and raw meat in Genshin Impact?

Don't worry, this won't be a boar.

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The world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact is rich with resources available to enhance your gameplay. Food and the recipes that can be created by combining different foods can be essential in taking on more difficult challenges or bosses. Many of the best recipes require raw meat and lots of it, so learning the best ways to collect this important resource is key.

The best method for gathering raw meat is through farming boars because each boar drops two raw meat. Boars can be found nearly everywhere in Teyvat, but the best location to find many of them at once is to the left of the Teleport Waypoint near Brightcrown Canyon.

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This spot has a frightening amount of boars, so players should be careful when approaching this area. While this is the best spot to find lots of boars at once, they can also be found in most grassy areas around Teyvat, both alone and in packs.

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Boars will usually first flee from players before returning to deal damage and then flee again, making them difficult to catch. The best way to avoid this scenario is to approach a boar using five-star Cryo Bow crossover character Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy’s Exploration Talent “Easy Does It” makes it so that any member of the active party can walk up to any animal that drops raw meat, fowl, and chilled meat without them being startled and trying to flee or fight as long as Aloy is a member of the active team.

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Any kind of attack against a boar will cause it to drop raw meat. All nearby boars will flee when an attack is initiated, so players should try to be quick with their attacks, use many big attacks at once, or use charged shots by bow users from afar to gather the maximum raw meat possible.

Raw meat can also be gathered from foxes, weasels, and squirrels. But these creatures move quickly, are too small to be easy targets, and get lost in the bushes easily. Boars are much easier and quicker targets for farming raw meat.

Another efficient way of farming raw meat is through Expeditions at the Adventurers’ Guild. One 20-hour expedition in Mondstat and another in Inazuma each grant eight to 12 raw meat, meaning that if players run both at once, they can farm 16 to 24 raw meat per day just through Expeditions. Draff, the Head of the Hunters and a character located in Springvale, is another good resource and will sell players 10 raw meat per day.