Where and how to pre-order Assassin’s Creed Mirage Collector’s Case

Just something to remember your time in Baghdad.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft recently revealed the next step in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Mirage. Set in the ninth century’s Baghdad, fans will explore a whole new world as Basim.

Basim’s journey from a street thief to a Master Assassin will take the Assassin’s Creed franchise back to its roots. The gameplay will be more narrative-driven, and the combat will be focused on stealth/assassinations. With historic characters making cameos, the sun of Baghdad will be a refreshing change in the series after Valhalla’s close to zero temperatures.

How to pre-order Assassin’s Creed Mirage Collector’s Case?

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Collector’s Case can be pre-ordered from Ubisoft’s official website

The Collector’s Case for Assassin’s Creed Mirage features:

  • The base game.
  • The deluxe pack.
  • A high-quality Basim figurine.
  • A replica of Basim’s brooch and an exclusive Steelbook.

The Collector’s Case costs $149.99. The game’s standard edition retails for $49.99, while the Deluxe Edition can be purchased for $59.99 for physical and digital copies. This is much cheaper than most games lately, so it may entice more people to buy a copy sooner.

At the time of writing, Assassin’s Creed Mirage doesn’t have a set release yet. Ubisoft plans to release the game in 2023. More details will likely become available as Ubisoft gets closer to finalizing all the details for the game.