When does the Shieldwing unlock in Horizon Forbidden West?

Aloy can now take flight.

Image via Guerrilla Games

In Horizon Forbidden West, there are a few new gadgets that Aloy can use on her journey, including the Pullcaster and now the Shieldwing Glider.

The Shieldwing Glider may take a little bit of time to unlock, but it’s unlocked through doing the story. The quest that unlocks it is called The Embassy and it will pit players against some difficult foes before the game rewards them with the Shieldwing Glider. Players won’t miss getting it since it’s unlocked through the main quests.

The quest that unlocks it is the fourth in the game, meaning that players will have a fair bit of content to get through before they unlock the Shieldwing. Depending on how many side quests and exploring players do, it could take anywhere from two to four hours to unlock the Shieldwing.

To use the Shieldwing, you’ll need to jump from a high area and hold Square. In addition to riding machines, the Shieldwing is one of the more common modes of transportation within the game, especially after climbing to great heights.

Be careful when jumping from places that aren’t too high since the glider does take a second or two to deploy. If players jump from a high spot and don’t give enough time for the glider to open, they could fall to their death.