When does My Time at Sandrock early access release?

Some players may get to play it a day before launch depending on where they live.

Image via Pathea Games

My Time at Sandrock, the anticipated sequel to the highly successful My Time at Portia, is releasing on May 26, but it may be available to play earlier than people expect depending on where they live.

The game launches at 2am UTC for everyone, meaning those who live in a different time zone may get the game earlier or later depending on where they live. The good news for people living in the United States is they will be getting the game a day early due to time zone differences.

Here is a list of some of the most common time zones and when they will have access to the game. An image with the full list of times is included below.

  • Los Angeles (PT) – May 25 at 7pm
  • Central US (CT) – May 25 at 9pm
  • New York (ET) – May 25 at 10pm
  • London (BST) – May 26 at 3am
  • Beijing (CST) – May 26 at 10am
  • Sydney (AEST) – May 26 at 12pm
Image via Pathea

The U.S. West Coast will have the most time with the game before they have to go to bed on May 25 with a 7pm start time, and New Zealand will have the latest start time with a 2pm launch on May 26.

How much does My Time at Sandrock cost?

There is no cost listed on the Steam store page or the Epic Games Store page for My Time at Sandrock, but developers have stated in the Pathea Discord that the price for early access will be $24.99. The game will be in early access for an unspecified amount of time and will give the developers more time and feedback to perfect the game. There is no set release date for the game, but it is likely it will launch sometime in 2023 if early access goes well.

Early access will not have multiplayer for those who have not already pledged a certain tier during the Kickstarter campaign. There will be a week-long beta for multiplayer that developers have said in the Discord will be sometime in the summer. It is unclear whether multiplayer will release before the game comes out of early access.

The game is not available before the time the game goes live, but players wanting to get their hands on the game right away should keep an eye on their Steam or Epic Games Store for the option to buy the game when it releases in their time zone.