What is A.J. Brown’s rating in Madden NFL 22?

A.J. Brown is one of the NFL's strongest young receivers.

Image via EA

A.J. Brown is one of the NFL’s most prolific wide receivers, and in Madden NFL 22, his on-the-field skills are matched quite well since Brown is one of the most effective players in the game. With deadly speed and nearly unmatched agility, Brown stands out as one of Madden 22’s best players at the wide receiver position. 

Last season, Brown was just one of 18 wide receivers in the NFL to go for over 1,000 yards—and he even had 11 touchdowns on the season to boot. In fact, Brown has gone for over 1,000 yards in each of his first two NFL seasons. 

Now entering his third season, Brown will look to carry the Tennessee Titans’ offense to a third consecutive playoff appearance. Brown hasn’t missed the NFL playoffs in his brief career, and with a strong roster of talented players around him, it’s fair to say that he and the Titans could make a run toward the postseason again. 

Here is Brown’s rating in Madden 22 as of the ratings reveal week.

Image via EA

Overall: 86

SPD: 91
ACC: 93
STR: 77
AGI: 87
AWR: 95
CTH: 89
CAR: 74
BTK: 87
JMP: 90