What does ‘scrim’ mean in gaming?

Here's what you need to know about this abbreviated gamer term.

Photo via Call of Duty League

Gamers have seemingly created a language of their own with a neverending, evolving set of lingo that seems to change with the seasons.

Gamer terms come and go, but some withstand the test of time, like the term “scrim.” If you’re new to esports, you’ve likely heard your favorite esports pro talking about a “scrim” before.

For the uninitiated, hearing about a “scrim” can be confusing. But for longtime esports fans, it’s just another word to be pulled from the well at any given time.

Here’s what “scrimming” is all about.

What does ‘scrim’ mean?

“Scrim” is short for the word “scrimmage,” which is a simulated game or a practice. Professional and competitive teams will often be seen talking about or seeking out a scrim on places like Twitter.

A scrim is when a pro or competitive team decides it’s time to get out of public matches and head into a true competitive setting against another pro or competitive team to practice.

In a scrim, pro teams will often test out strategies and different ideas before taking them into an official match when everything is on the line. This is also where teams come together and gel to learn what fits and what doesn’t.

Sometimes, teams on social media will refer to a “TS,” which is short for “team scrimmage” and is basically the same thing as a scrim.