Today’s Lewdle Answer

Definitely not a word game for kids.

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Wordle is the web-based word-guessing game that brought word games back into the spotlight. While the original creation from Josh Wardle is still a main daily activity, it has also inspired a host of alternative versions, where words go from different languages to niche vocabulary.

One of these alternative versions is called Lewdle, and it is exactly what you would expect based on its name.

Lewdle words are not restricted to five letters, alternating between five and six letters instead. But there is a limitation in vocabulary: every guess must be a valid lewd word. That usually means words that are offensive, explicitly sexual, and rude in general. When you figure out the word of the day or run out of tries, Lewdle also shows a definition of the word.

Since the vocabulary is both very limited and creative, there are a few options in the game itself for when you’re feeling stuck. If you click on the house icon, first on the top-left side of the screen, you may turn on Sheltered Mode, which allows non-lewd words as guesses. If you click the ghost icon beside it, you may also use Ghost Guesses, which is what Lewdle calls five-letter guesses for six-letter words. And, clicking the lightbulb icon, you may use a button that reveals a single letter from the puzzle. Using any of the three options above will incur a small penalty to what the game calls your “lewdness score.”

If you don’t want your lewdness score to suffer any penalties, or if you’re still out of ideas after using the game’s own tools, you may want to look up today’s answer. That way, you won’t lose your winning streak on Lewdle.

Today’s Lewdle answer — May 26, 2022

  • Lewdle No. 127 (May 26, 2022): AHEGAO
    Definition: A style of exaggerated facial expression often used in Japanese manga, anime, and hentai, featuring such characteristics as crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and flushed cheeks to indicate sexual arousal or ecstasy. “I made an ahegao face when I found out Fall Guys was going free-to-play.”

Past Lewdle answers

  • Lewdle No. 126 (May 25, 2022): AROUSE
    Definition: To evoke or awaken sexual excitement. “If you really want to arouse me, spank my ass and call me a dirty bitch. Or just make me a tray of cinnamon rolls, I’m good with either.”
  • Lewdle No. 125 (May 24, 2022): PERVY
    Definition: Sexually perverted. “Have you tried Lewdle? It’s like the pervy version of Taylordle.”
  • Lewdle No. 124 (May 23, 2022): GIRTH
    Definition: The thickness of a penis. “My penis has more girth than it does length, I refer to him as Colonel Otto Von Stubbington.”
  • Lewdle No. 123 (May 22, 2022): PROBE
    Definition: To insert a finger or object into an asshole for the purpose of sexual stimulation. “I was abducted by aliens who wanted to probe my ass. I told them the restraints would not be necessary.”
  • Lewdle No. 122 (May 21, 2022): FRICK
    Definition: A more socially acceptable substitute for “fuck”, suitable to use at weddings, funerals, bat mitzvahs, etc. “Frick! I forgot to save my game and now I have to do that whole fucking level over again.”
  • Lewdle No. 121 (May 20, 2022): YONIC
    Definition: Relating to or shaped like the external female genitalia, from “yoni”, a symbol of worship associated with the Hindu goddess Shakti. “Have you seen that new Al Wakrah stadium they built for the World Cup in Qatar? It’s a bit, um… yonic.”
  • Lewdle No. 120 (May 19, 2022): TODGER
    Definition: Penis (chiefly British). “I invested my life savings in cryptocurrency, which turned out to be the financial equivalent of setting fire to my todger.”
  • Lewdle No. 119 (May 18, 2022): FLAPS
    Definition: Slang term for labia, the folds of skin surrounding the exterior of the vagina. “Trying to come up with a funny joke about the word flaps on a Friday afternoon when I could be doing real work makes me question the wisdom of inventing this stupid fucking game.” – Gary Whitta
  • Lewdle No. 118 (May 17, 2022): GUSHER
    Definition: Someone who projectile squirts during sex, particularly during orgasm. “Oh God keep going, I’m close. And fair warning, I’m a gusher and about to go off like a fire extinguisher.”
  • Lewdle No. 117 (May 16, 2022): GAGGED
    Definition: Past participle of gag, the pharyngeal reflex that may be triggered when deep-throating a penis during fellatio. “I’ve gagged on a few cocks in my time and I’m not ashamed to admit it.” – your mom, again.
  • Lewdle No. 116 (May 54, 2022): MOIST
    Definition: A word universally enjoyed by everyone, describing the wettish, sticky state of the genitalia caused by sexual arousal. “Watching Tottenham Hotspur batter Arsenal in the North London Derby made me positively moist with joy!” – Spurs fans Adele, Tom Holland, and Sir Kenneth Branagh, probably.
  • Lewdle No. 115 (May 14, 2022): TITJOB
    Definition: The act of manually stimulating a penis by enveloping it between a pair of breasts. “I was a bit bored last night so I tried to give myself a titjob using a couple of burger buns. I couldn’t really get anything going but it seemed a shame to waste the buns so I put them back in the bread bin. I’m sure my roommates won’t notice.”
  • Lewdle No. 114 (May 13, 2022): MOMMY
    Definition: Common nomenclature for one who assumes a motherly persona during sex, typically providing gentle maternal love, care, and affection to their partner as part of sexual role play. “Yes mommy, I’ve been a very good boy today and I’d love to suck on your big ol’ titties.”
  • Lewdle No. 113 (May 12, 2022): CLITS
    Definition: Plural of clit, short for clitoris. “Yeah, Brad likes to think of himself as a ladies’ man, but I happen to know that you can count the number of clits he has successfully located in his lifetime on the fingers of Captain Hook’s left hand.”
  • Lewdle No. 112 (May 11, 2022): MERKIN
    Definition: A hairpiece designed for the pubic region, sometimes worn by actors in nude scenes, but also considered fashionable in certain trendy hipster circles. “Goddammit, I lost my merkin at Burning Man, do you how long it took me to knit together all those pubes?”
  • Lewdle No. 111 (May 10, 2022): THROB
    Definition: A pulsating, swelling sensation in the genitalia caused by increased blood flow when sexually aroused. “I’m so excited for Issue #1 of Batman – Fortress, written by Lewdle co-creator Gary Whitta and in all good comics stores May 24 that my dick is positively throbbing with anticipation.”
  • Lewdle No. 110 (May 9, 2022): SMEGMA
    Definition: The thick, white substance comprised of fatty oil secretions and dead skin cells that collects under the foreskin of the penis or in the folds of the vulva. “I need to jump in the shower before we go out, I haven’t had a chance to in a couple of days and there’s enough smegma down there to spread on a cracker.”
  • Lewdle No. 109 (May 8, 2022): ZADDY
    Definition: A handsome, sexy, fashionable, typically older man. Think Harrison Ford, Idris Elba, that guy who used to play the most interesting man in the world in the Dos Equis commercials. “I don’t care what anyone says, Bobcat Goldthwait is a total zaddy. This is a hill I’m willing to die on.”
  • Lewdle No. 108 (May 7, 2022): FEMDOM
    Definition: Short for female dominatrix/domination, describing a woman who dominates a submissive partner in sexual role-play, or the act of domination itself. “Sorry I’m late, last night I went on a date with a woman who turned out to be a total femdom, so I was up all night with a ball gag in my mouth getting my ass cheeks worked over with a meat tenderizer. Anyway, let me show you both the house. It’s a charming mid-century modern that just came on the market, perfect for a young couple looking to start a family…”
  • Lewdle No. 107 (May 6, 2022): CLUNGE
    Definition: British slang for vagina. “Last night I found out my new boyfriend DVRs Tucker Carlson’s show every night. I told him that if he wants to watch that total fucking clunge he can forget about going anywhere near mine.”
  • Lewdle No. 106 (May 5, 2022): RANDY
    Definition: The state of feeling sexually excited, horny. “I was feeling so randy last night that I tried to fuck a pie like the guy in that movie. Unfortunately the only one I had was a frozen Sara Lee that was even harder than my cock. It didn’t end well but I give myself A for effort.”
  • Lewdle No. 105 (May 4, 2022): PLUMS
    Definition: Testicles. “Last night I had this dream where I was kicking Elon Musk repeatedly in the plums. I’ve never been so disappointed to wake up.”
  • Lewdle No. 104 (May 3, 2022): RAWDOG
    Definition: Sexual intercourse without the use of a condom. “We were both feeling pretty horny last night but we were out of rubbers so we decided to rawdog it.”
  • Lewdle No. 104 (May 2, 2022): BONERS
    Definition: Plural of boner, which incidentally was Lewdle’s first ever word! “I’ve had some inopportune boners in my time, but the one I got while delivering the eulogy at gram-gram’s funeral really takes the biscuit. To be fair, it was a pretty hot eulogy.”
  • Lewdle No. 103 (May 1, 2022): JOBBY
    Definition: Scottish slang for poop. “I was staggering back from the pub last night when I suddenly realized I had a massive jobby brewing. I was never going to make it home in time so I snuck into the alley behind the chip shop, pulled down mah troosers and opened the bomb bay doors.”
  • Lewdle No. 102 (April 30, 2022): CLIMAX
    Definition: Synonym for orgasm. “I was just about to climax when one of the actors in the Pornhub video I was watching started doing a sponsored ad read for Raid Shadow Legends right in the middle of a reverse cowgirl. Is nothing sacred any more?”
  • Lewdle No. 101 (April 29, 2022): NASTY
    Definition: Particularly sexually depraved, kinky, lewd, etc. “Hey, remember Two Girls One Cup? That was some nasty shit.”
  • Lewdle No. 100 (April 28, 2022): STIFFY
    Definition: An erect penis. “I had a stiffy all the way through that new Oscar Isaac movie. I’m only human, after all.”
  • Lewdle No. 99 (April 27, 2022): FISTED
    Definition: Past participle of fist, the act of inserting one’s fingers, or indeed entire hand, into someone’s vagina or anus. “Sorry but I’m going to have to bail on that trip to the farmers market today, Brian fisted me last night without any lube so I’m just going to spend the day on the couch with Netflix and an ice pack.”
  • Lewdle No. 98 (April 26, 2022): SHAGS
    Definition: Plural of shag, a British term for the act of fornication popularized worldwide by the Austin Powers films. “Do I make you horny baby? Would you like to shag me? Because I’ve got an absolutely massive thick veiny cock that I’d love to shove right up your sopping wet cunt. Oh behave!” — Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery (1997).”
  • Lewdle No. 97 (April 25, 2022): TOSSER
    Definition: (Chiefly British) Another form of “wanker,” derived from tossing off, or masturbating. Used less in a sexual context and more as a form of derision or abuse. “Did you see that interview with Donald Trump and Piers Morgan the other night? Hard to know which one is the biggest tosser.”
  • Lewdle No. 96 (April 24, 2022): CHUBBY
    Definition: A semi-erect penis. “My mother-in-law just came to visit and when she hugged me it kinda gave me a chubby, what do you think that means? Should I be concerned? Yes I know this is a Wendy’s drive-through. What, you can’t have an opinion?”
  • Lewdle No. 95 (April 23, 2022): DOCKS
    Definition: Third-person singular verb for docking, an intimate act in which the participants put the heads of their cocks together and one is enveloped within the foreskin of the other. Not to be confused with space docking, which you absolutely should not look up. “When I first saw how perfectly my penis docks with yours, that’s when I knew we were meant to be together.”
  • Lewdle No. 94 (April 22, 2022): DOGGY
    Definition: A sexual position in which one partner typically bends over on their hands and knees while the other penetrates or otherwise stimulates them from behind. “This guy I hooked up with asked if I wanted to try doggy, but when I said yes he pissed on my floor then scratched at the door to go out. I think I’ll be deleting that dating app.”
  • Lewdle No. 93 (April 21, 2022): BROJOB
    Definition: A blowjob between two male friends, or bros, in which one bro fellates the other bro purely to help him out due to a case of blue balls, boredom, etc. “Dude, I haven’t been able to bust a nut since I sprained my wrist playing beer pong last week, would you mind giving me a brojob to help me out?”