Tips and tricks for winning in Hyper Scape

Following these tips is going to set you up to survive in the game.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s new battle royale game Hyper Scape entered open beta this past weekend, and many players from across the world will be entering the game for the first time.

With so many unique features to experience and different situations players may find themselves in, new players to Hyper Scape will soon realize strategies for alternative battle royale titles will not work in this game.

In this article, we are going to share some of the best tips and tricks new players can utilize to increase their success in the game.

Pick your drop location carefully

Screengrab via Ubisoft

With every battle royale, choosing your drop location is especially important in achieving the goals you have in mind for the match. If you are looking to survive and play the game out a little slower, you are going to want to drop at a set of buildings that are not in the center of a sector. If you are trying to get as many kills as possible landing in extremely popular drop zones is your best shot. Sectors like Limelight will offer players lots of high-level loot to duel over. Should you survive, you will absolutely be prepared to face off against remaining enemies.

The best advice for winning would be to drop in a less-populated area so you have access to free loot without a high risk of being taken out early. One thing you must remember is that players will enter the game from all four corners of the map so just because you drop a great distance away from where you began does not mean enemies have not dropped there also.

Listen out for loot crates as they will give off a distinct sound and can supply some high level loot.

Acquire a strong loadout

Screengrab via Ubisoft

With any shooter game, your choice of weaponry is going to directly influence your chance of victory. The best weapon to have on you whenever possible is the Hexfire. The Hexfire is a fast firing, precise light machine gun with a massive clip size. When fully upgraded, the Hexfire can hold 270 bullets in a clip ensuring you don’t run out of ammo during a firefight.

A good weapon to partner with the Hexfire is the Protocol V. This sniper rifle is the only weapon of its kind available in the game. Its high-damage, no-recoil properties make this the perfect weapon to complement the Hexfire. Using Protocol V to take out enemies in the distance is going to make solo games substantially easier and reduce your risk of being fragged.

Other good weapons you may consider using are the Ripper, this is the fully automatic assault rifle that will feel very familiar to players of first-person shooter games, and the Riot-One pistol.

Hacks are another particularly important part of Hyper Scape. Having the right abilities are going to assist you in traversing the map and surviving in combat. Having one hack that increases mobility and one that assists you in combat is your best option. Slam is a great mobility hack, since it allows the player not only to ascend into the air and assist with repositioning but also to come straight back down and deal major damage to enemies below. If Slam is not an option, Teleport is a great alternative as it will offer mobility without the damage. Pairing this with Heal is the perfect combination as it allows you to heal up any damage you have taken in combat or to get out of sector damage by healing it off as you move.

Upgrading both your weapons and hacks need to a priority. Every item in the game gets significantly stronger once upgraded. You can do this by collecting an item off the ground that you already have in your inventory.

Keep your eye on the map

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Hyper Scape has a very different approach to closing down the map that other battle royales. Where traditionally in the genre, the map will be surrounded by a circle that will deal damage to players stuck outside, Hyper Scape has a system that will see different sectors of the map close down. While the first few sectors are usually on the outskirts of the map, eventually as the game continues sectors may start closing in your path towards the sectors that are still alive. This will force players to pass through closing zones exposing themselves and increasing the chance of encountering enemies as they move.

The best tip to make sure you are not going to get stuck out and needing to navigate through a crashed sector is to make sure you are surrounded by multiple active sectors. If you have a more safe area to travel, you are always going to be safer than you would be traveling in the open.

Collect the crown

Image via Ubisoft

Another one of the more unique features in Hyper Scape is the addition of the crown. In the final sector when few players remain, a crown with spawn that can be collected by a player and held for a specific amount of time to secure the win. This stops opponents from camping down and attempting to catch the final enemies to secure the win. While you have the crown, you are going to want to keep on the move as your location will be visible to remaining opponents. Sometimes it is going to be safer to take the crown to secure the victory than to try and eliminate the remaining players.

Hacks are going to make a big difference in keeping the crown. Mobility is your friend during this time, if you can quickly reposition using an ability like Teleport or Slam it’s going to allow you to keep the crown longer. Another great hack to use in this final situation is Armor. A fully upgraded Armor is going to make you invulnerable for a short period of time on a short cooldown.

While the game is new and strategies are being created every day, these are some of the best tips that when followed will set you up for success in Hyper Scape.