TI6 Final Placings

Find out where your favorite Dota 2 teams finished at The International

Unless you have been livingunder a rock for the last few weeks, you know that TheInternational has been going on. The biggest event in esports todate will pay out over $20 million to the best Dota 2 teams in theworld. The goal for every team is to hoist the trophy at the end,and bringing home just shy of $9 million isn’t bad either.However, at the end, there can only be one champion.

Below, you can find out whereall the teams placed and how much money they will be bringinghome.

1st – $9,139,002

  • Wings Gaming

2nd – $3,427,126

  • Digital Chaos

3rd – $2,180,898

  • Evil Geniuses

4th – $1,453,932

  • Fnatic

5th/6th- $934,617

  • MVP Phoenix

7th/8th- $519,262

  • TNC Gaming
  • Team Liquid

9th/12th – Each team is takinghome $311,557

  • Newbee
  • Alliance
  • OG
  • LGDGaming

13th/16th – Each team is takinghome $1013,852

  • NatusVincere
  • Escape Gaming
  • ViciGaming Reborn
  • TeamSecret

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