This Elden Ring boss is not immune to physics

The Elden Ring community is still discovering ways to cheese bosses.

Screengrab via FromSoftware

It turns out learning to master gravity sorcery didn’t pan out so well for this Elden Ring boss. While many Tarnished fall victim to the woes of physics in the Lands Between by falling off cliffs, heights, or even into water, some enemies are no different and are just as helpless.

Elden Ring was released close to two months ago, but that’s not stopping the community from discovering new bugs, glitches, or fun ways to take on some of the game’s scariest and most challenging bosses. One in particular is Starscourge Radahn, a fearsome general with one thing in mind: bloodlust.

Cheesing Starscourge Radahn

Those who have not beaten Radahn before or are trying to avoid spoilers ought to turn away since the details below will show and explain how to cheese this demi-god.

With the public service announcement out of the way, let’s move on to what’s going on. Players can get the demi-god Radahn, master of the stars and gravity sorcery, to fall to his doom. It all stems from the second phase of the fight where Radahn disappears and begins to crash from the sky. When this triggers, Radahn will begin falling directly across from the player’s character and land incredibly close in front of them. This attack is meant to be a crash landing that begins phase two and has an extensive hitbox that goes past the player.

But it’s actually the arena that leads to Radahn’s downfall. As a coastal encounter, there is water nearby and a drastic drop-off that leads to imminent death. Using the combination of the start of phase two and this drop-off, it is possible to have Radahn crash-land into the water and meet his wet demise shown in the video above.

Elden Ring is an incredible game full of exploration and adventure. While not everything is perfect, its bugs, glitches, or things like these give it character, a break from the serious doom-and-gloom nature of the story, and add a more comical and near-broken aspect for many to enjoy.