The best ways to earn VC in NBA 2K23

You will absolutely need VC throghout your NBA 2K23 journey.

Image via 2K Games

Learning the techniques and mastering the mechanics in NBA 2K23 can only put you so much ahead of the competition. In order to build the best MyTeam possible or develop the best player possible for MyCareer, you’ll need to farm Virtual Currency (VC), the most important currency in NBA 2K23.

The VC system is essentially a pay-to-win feature of NBA 2K23 as players are allowed to buy tons of VC and stepped their player progress in MyCareer and buy the better cards in MyTeam. There are, however, some ways to earn VC without spending your well-earned money. These methods will likely not put you on the same level as people who choose to buy VC, but they’ll work enough for you to have a good foundation.

We have listed the best ways for you to farm VC in NBA 2K23.

The best ways to earn VC in NBA 2K23

Play MyCareer on a higher difficulty

If you go for the higher difficulties in MyCareer, you’ll earn substantially more VC for winning games than you would on the easiest levels. Of course, this method is not the best for unexperienced players, but once you get the hang of the game and how the AI plays, you can safely change the difficulty and start earning more VC to spend on your character.

NBA2KTV trivia

The trivia questions that are featured in NBA2KTV ahead of MyCareer matches can also be accessed in the main menu of MyCareer. It’s simple, if you have the basketball knowledge to answer them correctly, the game will award you with VC.

Download the myNBA2K23 app on your phone

The myNBA2K23 app is already available for Android and should be available for iOS in a matter of days. You can earn VC by simply logging in daily in the app and by playing some games that are available in the app.

Get the Daily Rewards in The City

Those who play on a next-gen system get access to The City, a special hub in NBA 2K23. There are plenty of features to interact with in The City, including the Daily Rewards. They’re located in The City and all you have to do is head there and spin the wheel to unlock a special reward, which could be VC.

Check out Locker Codes

There are limited Locker Codes that 2K gives to the community from time to time. They have an expiration date, but if you redeem them in time, you can earn lots of VC to spend on MyTeam or MyCareer, for example. We have listed the active Locker Codes and how to redeem them here.

Play online matches in Play Now

You win 400 VC for every Play Now online match you finish and receive an extra bonus in case you beat your opponent, which makes this a great method to farm VC if you have time to play some online games everyday.