The best spells in Elden Ring

Use Elden Ring's sorcery to its highest potential.

Image via FromSoftware

Sorcery is arguably the most effective way to deal damage to enemies in Elden Ring. Developer FromSoftware has made the available sorcery spells extremely powerful, provided that players have enough FP and Attribute points in Intelligence to cast them. While there is a wide selection of spells for players to choose from, there are a few that stand above the rest.

Whether this is due to their sheer damage output or buffs to the player, these spells should be prioritized over others. Some of these spells are difficult to find but once players do, they won’t be struggling to defeat enemies nearly as much throughout the Lands Between.

Here are our picks for the top spells in Elden Ring.

Rock Sling

Perhaps the most famous spell in Elden Ring, Rock Sling is a damage machine that players can ride until they defeat the final boss. It’s unlocked fairly early on in the Caelid Street of Sages Ruins and doesn’t require much FP or Intelligence Attributes to cast (18 each). When cast, players will summon rocks from below and shoot them at the targeted enemy. What’s great about Rock Sling is that the rocks will tend to follow the targeted if they move, so players don’t have to worry about aiming too much.

Carian Greatsword

Unlike Rock Sling, Carian Greatsword requires some aim and is really only useful in close-quarters. The greatsword spell is particularly effective against aggressive enemies or bosses since it can stagger them and let players dodge away to cast a longer range spell, such as Rock Sling.

Carian Greatsword summons a giant greatsword that sweeps in front of the player. The range of this sweeping slash is fairly far, so players don’t need to be extremely close to an enemy. This spell requires 24 Intelligence and 14 FP to cast. Carian Greatsword can be purchased from Miriel in the Church of Vows for 10,000 Runes.

Glintstone Pebble

Glintstone Pebble is the tried and true early-game spell of Elden Ring. This spell isn’t nearly as damaging as the other two on this list but it can still pack a punch. Players will fire magic projectiles when they cast Glintstone Pebble, which deals a moderate amount of damage. This spell is perfect for finishing off enemies that have little health left or dealing with lower-level enemies. It can also be used if players don’t want to spend as much FP when casting a spell. Glintstone Pebble only requires seven FP to cast, along with 10 Intelligence.

Players can purchase Glintstone Pebble from Thops at the Church of Irith or from Sellen at Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave. The Astrologer will start out with this spell, though.

Terra Magicus

Unlike the other spells on this list, Terra Magicus actually deals no damage on its own. Instead, when cast, the player’s other spells will have their damage increased by 35 percent. Terra Magicus is perfect to use right before battling a boss or horde of enemies. Once cast, players can swap to one of their damage spells and wreak havoc on whoever is in front of them.

To find Terra Magicus, players need to go through the Academy Crystal Cave, take the lift up behind the Crystalian bosses, and then climb to the top of the tower. The spell requires 20 Intelligence and 20 FP to cast.

Comet Azur

It will come as no surprise that Comet Azur is the last spell on the list. This Elden Ring spell is infamous in the community for being so overpowered that FromSoftware purists have refused to use it. Comet Azur requires a whopping 60 Intelligence and 40 FP to cast while taking up three Memory Slots.

When it’s cast, players will shoot a giant purple beam that lasts for several seconds. If bosses are caught in the middle of this beam, they’ll take huge damage and will become instantly staggered. This forces them to stay in the beam longer than they normally would. Even if a boss is aggressive, this spell is best used at the start of a fight when players are farthest away. This gives them the best chance to catch the boss in the beam and lower their health before the real fight even begins.

To loot Comet Azur, players need to go to Mt. Gelmir, climb to the top, and speak to Primeval Sorcerer Azur.