The best playbooks in Madden 21

Beat your opponents in the mind game with these playbooks.

Screengrab via EA Sports

The same way that not all teams in Madden 21 are created equal, neither are the playbooks. Outside of the game, there are definitely more creative, intuitive coaches with better play design than others.

Here are the best offensive and defensive playbooks in Madden 21.


New England Patriots: It should come as no surprise that the Patriots are on this list. They’re one of the top NFL teams every single year, and Bill Belichick is a Hall of Fame level coach. The reason to pick the Patriots playbook are the specialized Pats plays. Their passing game designs are top-notch in and out side of Madden.

Baltimore Ravens: Part of Lamar Jackson’s success in the NFL part is due to the Ravens’ read-option heavy play design. If your quarterback is mobile, and you’re just playing a one-off game as opposed to a full season or franchise, you should consider the Ravens’ playbook. You’re at no long-term risk by running your quarterback 25 times a game, and their play design is top tier.

It’s a punishing playbook, though. If you’re going into a long-term relationship with a team, it’s recommended to watch your quarterback’s health.

New Orleans Saints: If you’re looking for the pinnacle of the West Coast offense, take up the Sean Payton-designed Saints playbook. In the pass-happy future NFL, being able to wear down a defense is crucial. The West Coast offense will get the defensive backs running early as they struggle to shut down all the short passes your offense throws at them. It isn’t for everyone, but if you’re quick on your reads, try out the Saints playbook.

Las Vegas Raiders: Somewhat surprisingly given their real-life performance, the Raiders are the preferred playbook of lots of highly-ranked Madden players. Why, you ask? It’s versatile. If you want great passing concepts that fool the AI defenders, the Raiders playbook has it. A solid running game? They have that too. It’s easily the most balanced playbook out of your options, and a top-tier choice to keep your opponents off-balance.


Chicago Bears: While the Bears are far from the Monsters of the Midway, their playbook offers lots of looks to counter any situation. If you need some beefy defensive line formations to stop the run or some DB-heavy formations to cover the pass, they have that here. On defense, versatility is the name of the game, and the Bears playbook has the best versatility.

San Francisco 49ers: A comfortable enemy QB is a recipe for disaster. Luckily for Madden players, the 49ers playbook is the best for getting after the passer. If you’re struggling with putting pressure on a pass-happy offense, take the 49ers playbook and mix up some blitz concepts.

Multiple D: While not available in MUT, Multiple D is the best playbook in the game. It’s pretty clear why: it has basic, solid plays for every single viable defensive look in American football. There’s no special magic here. It boils down to solid plays to defend every possible thing an opposing offense can throw at you.