The best guns in Titanfall 2

Optimize your loadout.

Titanfall 2 has seen a number of gameplay swings over the years since its 2016 release. The game’s guns have seen various buffs and nerfs due to Respawns’ whims, and the meta has seen its own fair share of changes as a result.

Here are the guns in Titanfall 2 that have remained on top, even after all the meta’s swings.


This SMG is one of the most balanced yet powerful weapons in the game. Able to kill at all ranges, it excels in CQB, but its recoil is low enough to where it’s a threat at range as well. It’s more or less a staple of the game, and an “Old Reliable” weapon that seasoned Titanfall veterans can come back to whenever they feel like they need to snag some kills.

More than anything, you’ll never be caught off guard with the CAR. Titanfall is about movement, and having the flexibility to kill at multiple ranges can allow you to diversify your tactics. If you’ve been up close and personal for a few engagements, maybe hang back a bit or try to get vertical for your next kill. The CAR is useful just about wherever you try to use it.


The choice of snipers and aim-gods everywhere, there isn’t much in Titanfall 2 that feels better than pulling off an insane Kraber shot. One bullet to any part of the body is enough to secure the kill, so fire away, even when unscoped.

For the experts, try using the grapple and gravity stars to amplify your movement, or hang unsuspecting enemies in place. If you’re looking to absolutely style on your opponents, the Kraber is by far the best option for you.

Wingman Elite

Another high-skill weapon on this list is the Wingman Elite. This high-damage, high-accuracy space revolver can be wielded with lethal precision, and its hipfire is useful in a pinch.

Like the Kraber, the Wingman Elite isn’t for beginners. But over time, with a little getting used to the flow of the game, it can have a devastating impact on enemy teams. As long as the user shoots straight, the Wingman Elite is devastating.


This fast rate-of-fire SMG is incredibly useful in close quarters and is incredibly effective when hip firing. It’s best used in combination with mobility, and with the fire-while-sprinting perk, it’s an absolute buzzsaw.

That being said, the R-97 is incredibly unreliable at range. The horizontal recoil makes it difficult to spray down even medium-ranged enemies. But with all the mobility options, there’s really no excuse to not get in close.


The Alternator might have the best hipfire in the game, and combined with acceptable mid-range performance, it’s an extremely strong weapon. It plays like the midground between the R-97 and the CAR and is extremely powerful with the extended magazine.

All in all, the Alternator is never a bad choice. While the R-97 bests it in close range, and the CAR is the superior mid-range SMG, the Alternator is still a powerful weapon. The magazine size and slow rate of fire but high damage allow players to take on multiple opponents without needing to reload constantly. When combined with a solid hipfire spread, the Alternator is definitely a powerful weapon.


The closest thing to a Call of Duty gun in the Titanfall universe, the burst-fire Hemlock is devastating at mid and long-range engagements. Its relatively high rate of fire makes it acceptable in close quarters, but it’s definitely not where the gun is the most useful.

Particularly, the Hemlock is lethal with verticality, which can open up new angles from which to take gunfights the meta SMGs just can’t. Its extremely low time to kill makes it viable for taking on multiple combatants without reloading, and it’s lethally accurate.

Cold War

This grenade launcher is great with excellent movement, but if you don’t have good movement it’s not recommended. It’s going to be extremely strong with verticality so it can shoot down at more grounded pilots, but it’s tough to shoot up.

This brings us to another pitfall of the Cold War: it’s very streaky. Because it’s strongest when shooting down, it requires the user and the user’s team to be on a bit of a hot streak to really get going. When the other team is constantly spawning and doesn’t have any momentum in their movement built up, it’s strong, but good luck aiming it towards the sky.

It’s a confidence weapon. If you can steamroll with it, it’s insanely powerful, but it’s very hit or miss.


If we’re going with the time before the nerfs, the Volt is the best gun in the game. After the nerfs, it’s still strong, but not by far and away the best gun in the game as it once was. This laser SMG has little recoil and can absolutely decimate in close, its hipfire is absurdly good.

Its damage isn’t what it once was, but it’s ultimately good that an SMG that could out-DPS SMGs and assault rifles was nerfed. Its telling sound is pleasant on the ears if you’re using it, and still an indication that you need to get away if you aren’t.