The 5 best pilot loadouts in Titanfall 2

Take the best loadouts to dominate your competition.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The best loadouts in Titanfall 2 are always circumstantial; they completely depend on what the player is trying to accomplish.

Sure, the game rewards certain playstyles like flying around the map hip-firing at everything, but maybe that’s not your cup of tea and you just want to get to the massive mech fights.

Here are the best Titanfall 2 pilot loadouts to suit your preferred playstyle in your matchmaking games. If a portion of the official loadout isn’t mentioned, that means it’s dealer’s choice and it’s not crucial to the overall loadout.

CQB pilot

Titanfall 2 is all about momentum, and nothing helps build it quicker than the Stim tactical ability. Slap that on your pilot, take the Mastiff shotgun or the R-97 with Gunrunner, the Fast Regen modifier, and Wallhang. You’ll be in the other team’s face in no time, gunning them down with your shotgun or super-powerful SMG you can fire while sprinting.

The Stim will jumpstart your momentum, and Fast Regen will ensure you can take as many fights as you need to. It’s the perfect choice for the pilot that wants to get into fights and stay in fights.

Sniper pilot

This one’s a bit tricky. Titanfall 2 doesn’t exactly cater to a slower playstyle. Hear us out—instead of taking Cloak or the A-Wall for your tactical ability, take Grapple, even if you’re new to the game and don’t know how to properly use it. It’ll help you get into vertical places quickly and escape imminent pressure.

We’d also recommend the G2 over the Kraber. If you miss with the Kraber, you might not get a second chance. The G2 is accurate, and the lower damage isn’t an issue due to its semiautomatic nature and lack of hiding spaces on maps. Although the G2 is technically an assault rifle, you’ll likely fare better with it in a sniper role than any of the sniper rifles.

The “brand-new” pilot

There’s going to be a temptation to immediately try some of the playstyles other veteran pilots are doing if you’re new. But unless you’re willing to struggle for a long period of time, you should try this loadout.

Take the Stim tactical ability to help with building momentum or the Pulse Blade to keep track of enemies, and take the R-101C as your primary. This will give you access to a fully automatic rifle capable at all ranges with a built-in scope. While you’ll get tuned up by shotguns at close range, starting off with an easy rifle with some ranged capabilities will help you keep aggressive enemies at bay.

The expert pilot

If you’re used to building momentum and can use the wall-running to outplay opponents, try this loadout. Take the Holo Point or Phase Shift tactical ability. For a primary weapon, take the Wingman Elite, the CAR, the Flatline, or the Alternator. Gunrunner and extended mags are preferable on almost any leveled-up gun for maximum mobility usage. The tactical abilities will help experienced pilots outplay their opponents, and all the weapons listed are easy to use and deal tons of damage.

The Titan-killer pilot

This loadout is heavily dependent on the secondary kits, so make sure you have Ordinance Expert for fast ordinance regeneration and Titan Hunter enabled.

Take your Titan-killing and primary weapon of choice, the Satchel Charge ordinance, and the Grapple tactical ability. This will allow you to get in close and detonate your Satchel Charges. For added Titan destructibility, make sure you take the Tone Titan. Tone’s DPS and range shreds most Titans.