The 5 best gaming laptop backpacks

These backpacks will keep your gaming gear safe.

Image via Lenovo

One of the best parts of buying a gaming laptop compared to a desktop is portability. While having a powerful desktop machine is great, you can’t exactly pack up your monitor and desktop into a backpack and go play a LAN event downtown.

When you are transporting your gaming laptop, you obviously want to keep it safe in a solidly built backpack. But gaming laptops are larger than your average laptop due to their dedicated graphics cards. They’re also heavier, which can make finding the right bag difficult. 

Luckily for gamers on the go, a good number of bags have been released over the past few years, promising to fulfill the backpack needs of gaming laptop owners everywhere. Here are some of the best backpacks on the market that can help you carry your gaming laptop in a way that is safe, comfortable, and in some cases even stylish.

Targus x SteelSeries Sniper backpack

Image via Steel Series

The Targus x Steel Series Sniper gaming backpack is a 26-liter polyester backpack capable of carrying laptops measuring up to 17.3 inches. This backpack is explicitly built for gamers who need to take their setup on the road.

The dedicated laptop sleeve is heavily padded and large enough for most gaming laptops and even some game consoles. The front compartment of the bag features dedicated pockets and pouches designed to store keyboards, mice, controllers, and headphones. There is even a hidden pouch in the back padding for your valuables and a water bottle holder on the side.

Image via Steel Series

The bag is also built to last. The materials are all high quality and the straps feature padding in the shoulders and back to ensure user comfort. Although the bag is not made of waterproof materials, Targus included a water resistant cover with its own dedicated pocket to keep your gear safe on rainy days. If you are traveling with a lot of your gaming peripherals and worried about keeping them safe and secure, this bag should do a decent job.

Alienware Vindicator laptop backpack

The Alienware Vindicator is a nylon bag that comes in both 18.4-inch and 14.1-inch versions. This backpack is built like a tank and features a water-resistant and crush-resistant exterior on the front. Inside there is plenty of room for gaming laptops of all sizes if you buy the larger version. The design of the inner compartments is rather basic, but it gets the job done. The bag features three standard compartments and a few smaller pouches and pockets, though it comes with very little organizational options inside the main compartments.

Although the inside of the bag isn’t particularly inspirational in regards to its organizational design, you buy this bag for its build quality. This pack features a high-quality padded back and padded shoulder straps and the crush-proof and water-resistant materials offer extra peace of mind that your expensive laptop and gaming peripherals are safe inside your bag.

Lenovo Legion armored backpack II

The Lenovo Legion armored backpack is a water-resistant polyurethane bag which can hold laptops up to 17 inches across. The bag’s biggest selling point is its EVA-molded front shield which provides a literal shield to protect your laptop and gaming gear from being crushed or damaged. The shield works very similarly to the Vindicator’s reinforced front. On top of that, the water-resistant fabric ensures that moisture is also not a threat to your gear.

Inside, the backpack features two main compartments. The first compartment is the laptop sleeve, which is slightly smaller than the Alienware Vindicator but should still fit most gaming laptops. The front compartment features pockets and pouches for your headphones, mouse, keyboards, and controllers. This section is laid out should allow you to organize your gear so it is easy to find later. 

The Mobile Edge x Razer Tactical laptop backpack

The Mobile Edge x Razer Tactical laptop backpack is made of 1680 Ballistic Nylon and can fit a 17-inch gaming laptop in it. On top of the water resistant material it is made from, the bag also comes with an integrated rain cover. As a result, this backpack is highly durable and should last for many years. 

Like some of the other products on this list, this gaming backpack features a three-compartment design. In the back there is the laptop sleeve, which is heavily padded for the protection of the computer. The middle compartment features plenty of space for gear and a unique headphone holder that will protect the shape of your headphones while in transit better than the other bags on this list.

Perhaps the most unique element of this backpack is its highly organized front pouch, which gives you a space specially designed to store your keys, USB drives, and more all in an easily accessible location. The easy-access front pocket makes this bag the most practical pack on this list to actually take on a trip.

MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack

If you’re looking for a more casual option, look no further than the MSI Urban Raider Gaming laptop backpack. This fashionable polyester bag comes in a medium and a large. The larger version can carry up to 17-inch laptops. The bag is rated at IPX2 for water resistance, but the Urban Raider also comes with a rain bag cover as well, just in case you want that extra layer of protection.

This Urban Raider is small and simple compared to some of the other packs on this list. Compartment wise, it only features the laptop sleeve, a large front pocket, and two bottle holders. What this bag lacks in utility, it makes up for with style. While a bag like the Lenovo Legion might keep your gear somewhat safer, due to its rock solid design you certainly won’t look quite as stylish while using it. MSI’s bag is a great option for those who want to transport their gear without drawing attention to their gaming backpack.

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