Team Liquid’s Heritage Collection 4 is now available

Represent your favorite team in style.

Image via Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s Heritage 4 Collection is now available and features eight new unique clothing items perfect for the winter season, the organization announced today.

The Heritage 4 Collection includes a khaki Liquid Prestige Pullover Hoodie and matching sweatpants. The pants and pullover cost $80 each and come in several sizes. The collection also features a dark blue West Side Track Jacket and matching track pants. This outfit is slightly cheaper than its khaki counterpart—the jacket and pants are $75 each. 

Liquid also introduced a white and blue long-sleeve rugby shirt that costs $60 and a gray crewneck that costs $70. Fans in warmer climates can purchase a Shield Emblem short sleeve T-shirt for $25 that comes in three different colors. 

Several items from previous Heritage drops are also still available for purchase. Fans can even get their hands on a unique Liquid script facemask that’s perfect for showing support for your favorite team while staying safe. Other items, such as T-shirts and sweaters, are available in several different colors, so almost any fan will likely find something they like. 

Liquid has released several clothing items during its time as an organization, including a Legacy capsule to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The Heritage 4 Collection maintains the same style that many fans have come to expect from Liquid. 

The Heritage 4 Collection can be purchased from the official Liquid store.