Steam destroys its own all-time concurrent user peak once again, passes 24.5 million

The number is rising.

Image via Valve

Steam’s peak concurrent player count rose again last night mere days after breaking its own record.

While Valve’s digital distribution service sat at just around 24 million users a few days ago, the record was once again shattered when the player base reached 24.5 million, just over 500,000 more people than what it previously hit.

This number likely increased due to a string of new releases over the weekend, including the launch of Resident Evil 3, one of the most highly-anticipated horror games of the year. There’s also a number of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord players who continue to flock to the game weeks after its release.

This likely isn’t the end of the rise of Steam’s player count either thanks to a string of other new titles that’s slated to release over the next few months and due to the current COVD-19 pandemic forcing players into quarantine for the foreseeable future.

It seems like only a matter of time until Steam reaches 25 million, or even potentially 30 million, while players try to find ways to pass their time at home.